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Shinzo Abe

Shinzo Abe is president of the Liberal Democratic Party and was elected prime minister of Japan in December 2012. He also served as prime minister in 2006 after being elected by a special session of Japan’s National Diet, but resigned after less than a year.


Beijing accuses Shinzo Abe of using tensions as pretext for changing military policy

Chinese official says premier sees territorial dispute as way to amend Japan's security policy

PUBLISHED : Friday, 30 May, 2014, 11:29pm
UPDATED : Saturday, 31 May, 2014, 7:59am


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31 May 2014
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A senior Chinese official yesterday accused Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of exploiting the territorial dispute in the East China Sea to amend the country's security policy.

In an apparent attempt to pre-empt Abe's own speech at the Shangri-La Dialogue, former deputy foreign minister Fu Ying told a special panel on the sidelines of the annual forum in Singapore that Abe's denial of Japan's history would intensify concerns at the direction in which he was taking the country.

"My observation is that after he came to office he didn't show interest addressing the Diaoyu Islands dispute. Instead he has made it into a bigger issue - that is, China as a country is posing a threat to Japan as a country," said Fu, now chairwoman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the National People's Congress.

"He has made such a myth. And with that as an excuse, he is amending the security policy of Japan. That's worrying for the region and for China."

The Diaoyu Islands are claimed by mainland China, Taiwan and Japan, which calls them the Senkaku Islands.

Fu's comments were widely seen as a response to Abe's call during the forum, which brings together senior defence officials across the region, for a greater regional security role for Japan.

Fu was speaking ahead of Abe's keynote speech at a special debate on the forum's sidelines. Her fellow panellists included US Senator Ben Cardin, Singapore ambassador-at-large Tommy Koh and Indian politician Tarun Vijay.

She also suggested that America's involvement in recent tensions between China and Vietnam over the South China Sea was unnecessary.

After Cardin raised the issue of China's unilateral move to position a giant oil rig in disputed waters off Vietnam's coast, Fu said Beijing and Hanoi would resolve the dispute bilaterally.

"I don't think Ben can go there and solve the problem for us," she said.

With tensions over maritime disputes between China and its neighbours continuing, discussions at the three-day forum are expected to be focused on Beijing's increasingly assertive approach in the region.

Beijing said it would promote its own security theory in Asia at the forum. The Chinese delegation was headed by Lieutenant General Wang Guanzhong , deputy chief of the general staff of the People's Liberation Army, foreign ministry spokesman Hong Lei said.



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Psychopath, war-monger and war-criminals worshipper Shinzo Abe wants an insecurity role for Japan is a joke that will end up destroying Japan.
If it's a pretext, it was handsomely packaged by the CCP and presented to Abe on a platter.
With the constant build up of China's military, why is it a surprise that other countries in the region are concerned and taking appropriate action to strengthen their position. China continues to act like a bully, thereby becoming more and more isolated.
P Blair
It's a joke for Shinzo Abe to talk about being a positive contributor to peace in Asia while at the same time praying to war-criminals at the Yasukuni War Shrine and abandoning the Peace Constitution. What a hypocrite!
Why Shangri-La Dialogue chose Abe to give the keynote speech is beyond me. This is adding fuel to fire in an already tense situation. They should have picked a more "neutral" person like Ban Ki-Moon.
We might as well invite Hitler (if he is still alive) as the speaker.
IMO, Fu Ying is correct in her remarks about Japan. Tokyo started the whole escalation of tensions and has to bear the consequences if war erupts.
How can anyone trust the Japanese?
THey are just not trustworthy....moreover the **** are totally under US control...
Formerly ******
The percentage of war criminals buried in the Yasukuni shrine is small, almost miniscule; most of those buried there are just soldiers who had no say as to fighting in war. As the leader of Japan, Mr. Abe has an obligation to honor these everyday soldiers. Who in his right mind believes that Mr. Abe's visit was to honor the war criminals?
埋在靖國神社的戰爭罪犯的百分比是小的幾乎是微不足道的 ;那些埋在那裡的大多隻是士兵在戰爭中的戰鬥就沒有發言權。作為日本的領導者,阿部先生有義務尊重這些日常的士兵。世衛組織在他頭腦中認為阿部先生的訪問是為了紀念戰爭罪犯嗎?
Oh communists...
Formerly ******
China isn't yet strong enough to take on Japan. A crony military always will lose to a professional military. It'll take a generation to undue the damage cronyism has done to China's military and as long as there's a one-party dictatorship in China, the clean-up process never will start. The last two times that the Chinese military engaged in hostilities (with Vietnam in early 1979 and Korea in the Korean War), it performance wasn't good.
中國還沒有強大到足以對日本採取。裙帶軍事總是將失去對專業軍事。它就會需要一代人對不當損害任人唯親已完成對中國的軍事和,只要有在中國是一党專政,從來沒有將開始清理過程。最後兩個時代,中國軍方參與敵對行動 (與早期 1979 年的越南和韓國在朝鮮戰爭中的),它的性能並不是很好。
What Shinzo Abe is doing reminds me of a character in a Japanese GC movie called FINAL FANTASY: The spirit within. He is just the same as the evil general that he is adopting an approach to magnify the conflict or dispute and from the self created mess, his status is actually more empowered. There is another wise and peaceful approach to the problem. But that won't feed his personal ego desire. He chose the wrong way in the expense of his own nation's well being.



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