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Vietnam’s UN envoy says Beijing refusing dialogue over South China Sea dispute

Hanoi seeks dialogue over Paracel Islands dispute; China denies it sent warships to area

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 11 June, 2014, 7:16pm
UPDATED : Thursday, 12 June, 2014, 9:21am

Vietnam's ambassador to the United Nations has accused Beijing of refusing to hold talks to resolve the two countries' stand-off over disputed territory in the South China Sea.

Le Hoai Trung said Beijing insisted the waters off the disputed Paracel Islands where it set up an oil rig last month were indisputably part of China and there was no dispute to resolve.

There have since been a series of clashes between Chinese and Vietnamese vessels, and the move sparked anti-Chinese riots in Vietnam.

"We want to have negotiations, to have dialogue, or any other means of peaceful settlement of the dispute," said Trung.

China's stance was "provocative", he said.

A foreign ministry spokeswoman in Beijing yesterday denied that China had sent six warships to the area.

"Because Vietnam keeps forcefully and illegally carrying out interference, we have sent official Chinese government ships to guarantee security at the scene, but we have not sent military ships," Hua Chunying told a press briefing.

Vietnam's minister of national defence, Phung Quang Thanh, told a regional forum in Singapore two weeks ago that his country was actively trying to organise talks with China.

China's leaders, he said, were considering the proposed dialogue.

"In the beginning, the Vietnamese were extraordinarily conciliatory and repeatedly asked for top-level discussions with Chinese leaders, but in the middle of all this the anti-China riots in Vietnam made it almost impossible for Beijing to hold talks," said Carlyle Thayer, an expert on the South China Sea who attended the forum.

Analysts in China said there was still a chance of dialogue, but Beijing was unlikely to change its stance.

"Beijing has always been very clear about its bottom line - there's no room for any discussion over China's sovereignty over the Xisha [Paracel] Islands," said Zhang Jie, a foreign affairs expert at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. "If Vietnamese vessels keep harassing Chinese ships, no consensus will be reached even if the top leaders talk."

Zhang Mingliang, a Southeast Asian affairs expert at Jinan University in Guangzhou, said talks between lower-ranked officials had failed to create favourable conditions for top-level talks.


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In what respect do you consider Vietnamese to be 'savages' or more savage than your good self?
Clearly you want to fight with people, in a similar and related vein - China is unwilling to engage in dialogue leaving only 2 possible options - for the other party to either acquiesce or fight. What are people called who interact this way with others? Bullies. You feel bold now, like a little boy who's daddy has come to back him up in the playground. Your words are aggressive, rude - in fact you are giving yourself indulgently to an inner evil. But, in the end, such ways of interacting will only lead to greater suffering and destructiveness in the world. You mistakenly believe that the suffering of others is not your concern. You think that if China gets richer and stronger that this is all that matters. But you have not yet come to understand that all things are connected. If you send Vietnam and its people to 'hell' you are inevitably sending yourself and your own country to hell as well. You may not see it today, or tomorrow. But certainly, one day the chickens will come home to roost, so to speak, and then you will understand. In the end, our common humanity matters. What you do to others, you do yourself. We share this Earth.
Daniel Lee
Vietnam as an uncivilised country can go to hell.
I am tired of Governments saying that no disputes exists when they do. I know that the Chinese have documents to back up their claim, but let them prove it in court out of respect for Vietnam.
I like Japan, however, I don't agree with the fact that they are also saying that no dispute exists with the Chinese over the Senkaku Islands when it does. Out of respect for the Chinese, prove it.
A Matsui
Very hard for anyone to negotiate with the Vietnamese savages.
Bui Duc Vinh
Just keep closed eyes and consider China's negotiation at Shangri-La dialogue 2014! UNCLOS came into validity in 1994, "Not applicable (impossible)" to negotiate the maritime territotorial disputes between China and other countries. It sounds like the Chinese savage, good friend!
Sounds like Vietnam lost its case in the UN and now wants to ask China to back down.
These were the dossiers given to the UN for circulation to all countries and ppl :
A Matsui
People that riot, commit arson and commit murder are not Vietnamese savages? Must be Canadian savages.
We'll colonize Viets, kill all the natives, and then give them independence!


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