‘Filipino infestation in Singapore’ blog sparks embassy call for probe

Internet post urged Singaporeans to be rude to Filipino workers in latest sign of racial tension

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 19 June, 2014, 4:14pm
UPDATED : Friday, 20 June, 2014, 3:29pm

The Philippines has asked Singapore authorities to take action against a blogger who suggested Singaporeans should shove Filipinos on the street and be rude to Filipino workers.

The blog, titled "Filipino infestation in Singapore - five-point guide to showing displeasure without breaking the law", was posted at the end of May and has since been taken down.

It is the latest sign of growing intolerance towards migrant workers in the city-state.

The blog was written anonymously and was widely shared on social media, prompting the Philippine embassy in Singapore to appeal to the government for prompt action. Police said they were investigating.

Update: Google removes hate blog advising Singaporeans to harass Filipinos

The incident came in the wake of rising tensions involving the growing number of migrant workers, who have largely built Singapore's skyline and transport infrastructure. About a quarter of the country's 5.4 million people are transient workers, compared to a tenth in 1990, according to government statistics.

A small but vocal group of radical Singaporeans has been fanning online discontent with what they claim are lax immigration policies. At an anti-immigration rally last month, protesters claimed foreigners were stealing jobs from Singaporeans.

In December, mostly Indian guest workers rioted in the worst unrest in decades after an Indian worker was hit and killed by a bus driven by a Singaporean. Cars were torched and 18 people hurt.

Tens of thousands of Filipinos working in Singapore this month abandoned plans to celebrate their nation's independence day at Singapore's prime shopping district, Orchard Road.

It followed an uproar by groups who said it would be an infringement of their sovereign rights for the event to take place at such a prominent location.

In a statement on its website this week, the Philippine embassy advised its nationals to be restrained in their response to the blog post and that it would be best for them to ignore it.

The blog suggested that Singaporeans should shove Filipinos on the street by pretending to bump into them. It also encouraged rude behaviour to Filipino staff in the service industry.