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‘Go back to China’: Australian police charge woman for racist train rant

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 03 July, 2014, 2:49pm
UPDATED : Friday, 04 July, 2014, 3:05pm

Australian police have charged a woman for racially abusing passengers on a train after a video recording her tirade was posted online and went viral, sparking a social media backlash.

The 55-year-old, named by Australian media as Karen Bailey, was arrested late on Thursday after allegedly launching an expletive-filled rant at young children and an Asian woman during a Sydney train journey.

New South Wales police said she was charged with offensive language and will appear in court later this month.

Karen Bailey was filmed pulling her eyes back and using a mock Chinese accent as she yelled at fellow commuters, “What’s wrong with Hong Kong? Why did you come to this country? This is our country.”

Mimicking the accent of an Asian mother who stood up to her, the woman adds: “We go back to China. We go back to China. We have stupid.”

She then launches into another passenger standing nearby who also tries to calm her, loudly declaring, “Hard to get an Aussie girlfriend - you had to get a ****, using a derogatory term used to describe an Asian.”

Laughing, she adds: “She probably thinks he’s rich.”

Bailey’s outburst began off-camera, when she could not get a seat in the carriage and started to scream at two children aged seven and 10, coarsely telling their mother to vacate a seat for her.

The video was uploaded to YouTube by a passenger on the train who recorded the exchange. It had been viewed more than 250,000 times on by Friday morning and attracted almost 1,000 comments.

Australia’s Race Discrimination Commissioner Tim Soutphommasane said on Twitter that “there is no excuse for acts of racial insult, humiliation and intimidation”.

“When confronted with such conduct, everyone should consider a response, including reporting it to a relevant authority,” he wrote.

Bailey told media group Ninemsn she was having a “really, really rotten day” and “it’s awful what I said to that woman, I do agree”.

“There’s no excuse to rant at people like that,” she said. “It’s awful and I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy, regardless of any race.”

Bailey initially gave her name as Sue Wilkins to passengers and some media outlets once the video of her rant went viral.

The incident came two years after a French-speaking woman singing on a Melbourne bus was told by a man to “speak English or die” in another video posted on the internet that went viral.

Two Chinese students were burned, beaten and racially abused on a Sydney train in the same year, sparking uproar on China’s social media sites.


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Funny, I saw the same incident on the MTR except it was a Hong Kong Chinese woman screaming at a Mainland Chinese couple and telling them in perfect Cantonese, to go back to China. Amazing coincidence!
Is Australia really her country? As far as I know, Australia belongs to the Aboriginals, most of them the white people eliminated during their colonization centuries ago.
Whilst this woman is abhorrent some of the comments on here are equally so. On the whole, mainstream Australia is much more accepting of diversity than Hong Kong. However, in capitalist societies the poorest often become marginalized and they tend to perceive immigrants as taking away their jobs. This doesn't happen so much in Hong Kong because we have pretty much full employment, but you can already see the antipathy towards mainlanders. Poor uneducated people sometimes react in primitive ways and this video clip is an example.
On the other hand, this week we were treated to the spectacle of university students chanting "Se ****" in unison directed at an expatriate police officer who was standing near them during their sit in. For the uninitiated, "Se ****" is a deeply offensive and racist term used against males of European descent. No mention of that in the local news - yet here was an example of collective racial vilification as opposed to a lone individual.
Edit - It seems the abusive word list includes the word "Gwei Lo" but only when the words are joined together LOL. Of course I am using it in an educational context.
Marcus T Anthony
Interestingly, an almost identical incident occurred to me and my Chinese wife in HK five years ago. A local HK man began screaming at us on a bus, calling my wife a wh.re and demanding to know how many men she had slept with. This went on for five minutes, and I came close to beating the guy, but decided against violence. All the other passengers in the bus pretended that nothing was happening. We did nothing to provoke the verbal onslaught. BTW, we've never had any problem in Australia. Anyway, all I am saying is that these things occur worldwide. One thing about Australia is that anything even remotely related to racism will make headlines. This was the leading story in the news today. You can't say the same for all countries. One country where I lived, there were fairly frequent issues with racism. In this country I was told to move out of my own apartment because "foreigners are not allowed to live here". I was told to leave a hotel an hour after I checked in for the same reason - and the hotel refused to refund my 100 Dollars (American value). My wife was reduced to tears on several occasions because of insults directed her way when with me. One of my foreign friends was beaten up by a local mob, and a colleague's foreign father was killed after a dispute with a local landlord.I won't name the country, as I don't want to offend. I could go on with other incidents, but I won't. Most notably, none of these stories ever made the news there, nor any other racist issues.
Marcus T Anthony
This is the kind of approach that not only spreads more hatred, but is likely to get you lynched or land you in prison in some countries. If you punch someone and kill or hurt them, then you are the one who gets sued or charged with assault, not the person who calls you a bad name. Physical violence is not justified by verbal abuse.
The Oz government should cancel her welfare payments...
I have responded several times to a frequent commenter here for his racism. And he is as disgusting as this woman. I guess he is also an Aussie. Of the racists I have met, the most serious are the Aussie, then Britons, and least Americans.
SCMP, the way you fail to monitor this forum is an embarrassment.
You allow this to become a forum for haters because you fail to monitor it and remove offensive posts in a timely fashion.
Some of the posts here are just as offensive as the woman's comments!
But maybe you are quite happy with this because hate sells?
Marcus T Anthony
She has been universally condemned and charged by law? What else do you want? Where else in the world would a person be charged for a verbal outburst in public? Australia has a full 25% of its population born overseas, and that doesn't count foreign students and tourists. Just visit Sydney and Melbourne. On any given day moe than 50% of the people downtown are Asian/African/non-Caucasian. So your argument about an island mentality is simply ignorant. In contrast 92% of HK is Han Chinese and most of the rest Asian.
Australia would have to be the strictest place on earth for this stuff. So, your comments are uninformed. There are quite a few similar videos of HKers doing similar things on the MTR, but nobody was ever charged with a crime. This difference is because Australia is a multi-cultural society and takes racism far more seriously than HK. It has very specific laws and they are enforced.
In Australia the retired age is 65 years at the moment, she was looking for a job ,that means she is not that old. Anglo Saxon women in general look much older than Asian ones. I am in Australia, for me this woman's age ranges 40 and 50, why should let her have the seat, come off it.



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