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Fury as Chinese paper publishes Japan map with mushroom clouds over Hiroshima, Nagasaki

Advert depicting mushroom clouds over cities bombed in second world war dismissed as 'ignorant' by Japanese foreign minister

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 08 July, 2014, 5:14pm
UPDATED : Wednesday, 09 July, 2014, 2:12pm

A Chinese newspaper published a map of Japan with mushroom clouds rising above Hiroshima and Nagasaki, provoking outrage today from Tokyo’s foreign minister, who is from the first of the cities to be obliterated.

Tensions between Beijing and Tokyo are high due to a series of issues ranging from a territorial dispute over islands in the East China Sea to recent moves by Tokyo to reinterpret its pacifist constitution.

The Chongqing Youth Daily, a newspaper linked to the Communist Youth League in the southwestern megacity, last week carried the map in a full-page advertisement under the title “Japan wants a war again”, according to a posting on its official account on Weibo.

Japan’s full-scale invasion of China in 1937 left 20 million Chinese dead, according to Beijing’s estimates. It ended with Tokyo’s second world war defeat in 1945 following the US atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

It was not clear who placed the advertisement, which can no longer be found on the newspaper’s official website.

But the stunt infuriated Tokyo, with Japanese Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida calling it “very, very ignorant”.

“As the foreign minister of the only country that has suffered an atomic bomb attack, and being a politician from Hiroshima, I cannot tolerate this,” Kishida was quoted as saying.

Kishida said he has instructed the Japanese consulate-general in Chongqing to lodge a formal protest if the publication was confirmed, Jiji Press news agency said.

“Prime Minister [Shinzo] Abe has clearly said it would be absolutely impossible for Japan to wage war again. There is no shift in the path of Japan as a pacifist country,” Kishida said.

China’s ruling Communist Party uses nationalism as part of its claim to a right to rule. President Xi Jinping joined hundreds of soldiers, veterans and schoolchildren Monday in an unusually high-profile ceremony marking the 77th anniversary of the start of war with Japan.

In an indirect jab at Abe he condemned those who “ignore the iron facts of history”.

Tokyo has said the Chinese commemoration did “nothing to contribute to peace and cooperation in the region”.

In a recent commentary the Chongqing Youth Daily lashed out at Japan’s re-interpretation of its constitution last week to proclaim the right to send soldiers into battle even when the country is not under direct attack.

“Unfettering the right to collective self-defence is equivalent to handing over a sword back to the hands of murderer,” it said, adding China had been “too tolerant” of Japan for more than 40 years.


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By denying Japanese war crimes, by provoking and belittling the victims of Japanese aggression, Japan unlike Germany leaves a sore wound open and makes the Japanese a target of condemnation and jokes even vulgar jokes. But then this is exactly what the uncivilised Japanese wants. So mushroom clouds over Japan for some is not only a good joke but a necessary venting of their spleen. Uncivilised Japanese like Japanese Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida and PM Shinzo Abe are getting exactly the responses they provoked. They should realise when Japanese are looting, killing, raping and burning the law of cause and effects makes it a certainty that a lot of mushroom clouds will cover Japan in order to rid Japan of it's evil karma.
In case Marc is still on this thread, please see this article on today’s SCMP “comfort women are war prostitutes”. They captured women and force them to be sex slaves and later say they are prostitutes. How despicable. Do they deserve that two mushrooms? Do you understand why I am still cursing them?
"They" died a long time ago. This is the 21st century. Are you responsible for the thousand-year Chinese invasion and occupation of Vietnam?
The Japanese regime of the 1930s and 1940s were despicable and the school textbooks should be changed.
The use of the mushrooms is despicable and childish however, no one should joke about the misery and destruction of atomic weapons.
Both the CCP and the Japanese govt should sit down and be honest in their discussion of acts committed against the Chinese people, because both are guilty.
Chinese are guilty of what? Being a **** fetus bayoneted by righteously indignant goblin invaders?
How is Japan going to retaliate? Pornographic images of their Comfort Women victims? That will really punish the Chinese, right?
Maybe Edward Snowden dropped off leaked documents about surveillance on Japanese postwar activities which would explain why he chose to stop in Hong Kong when he could have flown - in the opposite direction - from Hawaii to South America which he claims was his intended destination.
He told Brian Williams that he did not enter Russia with ANY docs - where did he dump them off other than Hong Kong? They're not back in Hawaii, are they?
Somebody must have those docs and he doesn't look like he chose Hong Kong for the dim sum.
Other than being famous for having their hands tied regarding citizen objections to the Mainland, what is Hong Kong famous for politically other than the Diaoyutai activists?
Who has Snowden's documents?
Jonathan Smith
The Chinese paper publishing of the Japan map with mushroom clouds over Hiroshima, Nagasaki while cheeky is absolutely correct. That was what happened in 1945 when the US gave back to Japan what Japan gave the world. The fanatical Japanese Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida and his even more fanatical boss Shinzo Abe should reflect on the lessons of Japanese aggression instead of being revisionist about Japanese barbaric war history and continuing hostility to Japan's neighbours who if push comes to shove could envelope the Japanese isles with mushroom clouds.
Maybe more mushroom clouds over the sky of Japan, judging the way Shinzo Abe is behaving!




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