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Comfort women were just 'wartime prostitutes', says Japanese delegation

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 09 July, 2014, 11:01pm
UPDATED : Thursday, 10 July, 2014, 5:59am

A group of Japanese "patriots" are travelling to the United Nations in Geneva to demand that the UN Commission on Human Rights admits that comfort women were nothing more than prostitutes, and to insist that the organisation stops using the term "sex slaves".

The delegation, from Japanese Women for Justice and Peace and the Alliance for Truth About Comfort Women, plan to observe proceedings of the Committee of Civil and Political Rights over three days from Monday.

The group will also host a reception at the four-star Hotel Bristol to get their message across to delegates at the UN event.

"We are not nationalists, but patriots," Yumiko Yamamoto, president of Japanese Women for Justice and Peace, said in Tokyo yesterday. "We do not discriminate against other people, but we love Japan very much."

Yamamoto's organisation was set up to counter what it sees as racist and discriminatory depictions of the comfort women as being forced to serve as sex slaves by the Japanese military in the second world war, primarily by groups and the government in South Korea but also by China.

She suggested that if South Korea believed Japan had a case to answer it should take it to the International Court of Justice. China, she said, had only stepped into the argument in the last year and cannot take the moral high ground as it "is the world's worst violator of human rights".

"Comfort women were not sex slaves but wartime prostitutes who enjoyed spending time freely and who worked under contract in exchange for highly paid monetary reward for that time," Yamamoto said.

She dismissed a 1996 report on the issue by Radhika Coomaraswamy, the UN's special rapporteur on violence against women, on the grounds that it ignored US military documents that described the women as prostitutes and said it took unverified testimony by former comfort women as fact. The Coomaraswamy report recommended that Japan compensate and apologise to the women.

"The stories of so-called comfort women lack any substantial evidence and cause doubts about their truth," Yamamoto said.

"Based on these facts, it is right to conclude that the Coomaraswamy report no longer has any value."

Yamamoto said she did not deny that comfort women existed, but she claimed the propaganda that was being spread about the actions of the Japanese military in procuring the women was "ruining the dignity of Japan and threatening the security of Japanese ... in the US".

Citing a letter she received from a Japanese woman in Glendale, California, where a statue depicting a comfort woman was placed in a public park, Yamamoto said Japanese children were being bullied and a target of hatred because of the statue.

"It has no value at all and only serves to promote confusion and racism," she said.

"The UNCHR has received so many reports saying so many bad things related to comfort women and they have taken it all at face value," Yamamoto said. "International organisations are receiving the wrong information and this is spreading. Unless we do something now, we will never be able to clear Japan's name."


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I Gandhi
Again another denial about Japanese barbaric war crimes. This time about the hundreds of thousands of sex-slaves who were forced into sex slavery by the Japanese military where most of them were brutally raped and murdered as well. Yumiko Yamamoto is Japan's ugly face of revisionism and is most uncivilised. The Japanese Women for Justice and Peace and the Alliance for Truth About Comfort Women lies about the Comfort Women issue. These Japanese women are the "political prostitutes of revisionism" of Shinzo Abe's war glorifying and war criminals worshipping government. The Japanese should be condemned in the strongest terms for their provocative and unrepentant behaviour.
I doubt this woman has a mother, any sister, any daughter or any conscience, other than her patriotism for her motherland. In truth, it is she who is the prostitute of her own country.
Truth can not be denied. Shame on you Yamamoto.
Comfort women were just 'wartime prostitutes' so says Yumiko Yamamoto and the Japanese Women for Justice and Peace and the Alliance for Truth About Comfort Women. By denying the facts of history, these Japanese women are really contemptible. They are condoning rape and murder and other war crimes by the barbaric Japanese. Japanese always claim how nice, polite they are in Japan. However when Japanese goes abroad they become barbarians. And all this is because of the war mongering ideology of the war mongers like Shinzo Abe and his barbaric ancestors. Yumiko Yamamoto and the Japanese Women for Justice and Peace and the Alliance for Truth About Comfort Women are just apologists for Japanese war criminals and war mongers. They are the prostitutes of Japanese war mongering and glorifying Japanese war crimes. Really shameful.
Yumiko Yamamoto is not a patriot nor a Nationalist. She does not love Japan "very much" but rather despises it and willing to embarrass herself and her name to prove she is an uneducated imbecile.
She should be condemned and held in the utmost contempt by all.
What she said is like a rapist who wants a vindication by accusing the victim as a prostitute.
wicked and villainous Japanese . . . .
When Merkel can speak of the third reich as 'nazi germany' with detachment, the plain and simple truth was that japan never repented their meiji ww2 sins, and this is the reason why every japanese pm had been asked to apologize afresh for Japan's evil deeds and wrongs.
Silly ....
A Kuro
Yumiko Yamamoto and the members of her Japanese Women for Justice and Peace and the Alliance for Truth About Comfort Women will never admit to the truth of the war crimes Japan committed by forcing hundreds of thousands of Asian women into becoming sex salves to be raped by the Japanese aggressors. They like Shinzo Abe would probably commit hara kiri than to accept the truth. If they accepted the truth they will have to shut down the notorious Yasukuni War Shrine, abandon their false Shinto religion and pay reparations to the victims of Japanese aggression. Being the stingy mongrels they are where truth and compensation is concerned, it will be impossible for the buggers to ever reform themselves. If any reform is required and they are sorely needed, the reforms will have to be imposed on the recalcitrant war-mongering Japanese.



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