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Stupid and nonsensical: Japanese right rages at ‘comfort women’ honour

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 28 August, 2014, 11:21pm
UPDATED : Friday, 29 August, 2014, 1:24pm

Nationalists in Japan have condemned the announcement that another memorial to Asia's "comfort women" is to be set up in the United States, insisting that the campaign to honour the women is historical nonsense.

The City Council of Fullerton, in Orange county, California, passed a bill on Wednesday to place a statue of a young woman in front of the city museum.

The statue is intended to represent the tens of thousands of Asian women forced into sexual slavery for the forces of imperial Japan in the early decades of the last century.

The council was addressed by members of the local Korean and Japanese communities before the vote was taken.

Ten similar memorials have been placed in public places across the US since the first was erected in Palisades Park, New Jersey, in 2010.

However, the council's decision has been fiercely criticised by Japan's conservatives.

"This is complete and absolute nonsense," Hiromichi Moteki, secretary general of the Society for the Dissemination of Historical Fact, said.

"This is all based in false information," he insisted. "There was no coercion to make them become comfort women and they were simply prostitutes who were hired for the troops.

"There were many brothels across Asia already and it was perfectly legal," he said.

"The main aim of these women was to earn large amounts of money, which they did because they earned as much as 50 times the amount of a regular soldier.

"The people who are putting these memorials up in America should put that on the statues," he said.

"It's completely stupid and in the future they will all come to understand the truth," he added.

The announcement of the new statue to sex slaves in California coincided with renewed calls for the Japanese government to issue a new statement in place of the so-called Kono Statement, issued in 1993 by then-chief cabinet secretary Yohei Kono as an apology to the former "comfort women".

The statement acknowledged that the Japanese army had been involved in establishing brothels.

Sanae Takaichi, policy chief of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party (LDP), on Wednesday called on the government to withdraw the 1993 statement.

She said it was drawn up based on articles printed in the Asahi Shimbun that the editorial board of the newspaper has recently admitted were false.

The right wing has jumped on the Asahi's admission and is using it to call for a radical rethink of the government's position on the issue.

In an editorial on Wednesday, the conservative Yomuiri Shimbun said: "There has been a misunderstanding, spread widely throughout the international community, that a large number of women were forcibly taken away by the Imperial Japanese Army to serve as 'sex slaves'.

"The Kono Statement is a factor in that misunderstanding.

"As the LDP has advocated, the government should transmit to the world the information concerning comfort women based on historical facts."


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I was very shocked by the news that 122 Korean women claimed that “we were the U.S. military comfort women”, and sued the class action lawsuit on June 25, 2014.
If the issue is a human rights concern for the future of all nations, we should memorialize all comfort women, including females forced into sexual slavery by the USA military and Korean Government itself during and after the Korean War. The USA and the Korean Government are very deeply committed to this Korean “comfort women” matter as an assailant of violence against women. All comfort women were the victims of human traf****. Fullerton politicians and Korean American activist like KAFC should not be a hypocrite.
I think this article should have quoted some of the few comfort women who are still alive and have repeatedly said they were kidnapped and raped. The only voices that matter on this issue are of the women who experienced the atrocities, not historians who interpret the past or politicians who spin it. Why are the women who actually were comfort women constantly dismissed in favor of modern men?
I am very shocked by the news as follows.
It says that on August 6, 2014, the Asahi Shimbun, pro-Korean and liberal news paper in Japan, admitted to serious errors in many articles on the “comfort women” issue, retracting all stories going back decades that quoted a Japanese man who claimed he kidnapped about 200 Korean women and forced them to work at wartime Japanese military brothels. It means that as far as the present-day Korean Peninsula is concerned, no hard evidence had been found to show the Japanese military was directly involved in recruiting women to the brothel system against their will. It rejects such a story as that the Japanese government would kidnap young girls as young as 14 years old from Korea and send them to their soldiers in the battlefield to "comfort" them. Is this statue based on historical facts or on political propaganda for Korean ultra-nationalists to bully Japan and the Japanese? Please read the following article by Washington Post on Aug.19, 2014. It criticizes Korean political lobby like KAFC.
A Matsui
The Japanese right are very proud of their uncivilised traditions. They are also very proud to have allowed the US to occupy Japan and being the "comfort-men" and "comfort-women" of their US occupiers.
what is your nationality? for me, it looks you just pretend to be a Japanese, using Japanese family name as a user. If so, what is your purpose to play a masochistic Japanese?
Daniel Lee
The Japanese right like their murderous, barbarous mongrel ancestors are just as uncivilised as ever. The next time should hit them with multiple atomic blasts.
you are a racist, not a real fighter for human rights of women. You are not a real peace maker. You just stir up ill feeling and unnecessary tension in the name of human rights, for your political prejudice.
The more statue the better so more Americans are aware of the atrocities committed by the Japanese Imperial Army during WW2.
Maybe they will also look deeper into what Abe represents.
please think about the reason my user name is not displayed. it includes X words not allowed: txxnxxmxx6x
yes, we have the atrocities the world should memory and look deeper into.
please think about again, who controls information we can see on this issue,
and why.
why germans now could not make any negative comments about jews, or positive comments about nazi's past, because USA does not allow it, why german had to change their flags after WW2, because USA did not allow the flags, if any german politician comment positively about nazi, USA congressmen or secretary of state etc. will condemn it. double standard for japan, japanese is allowed to re-use the rising sun flags from ww2 ( any asian country protest about such policy?? in 1945), japanese PM allowed to visit shrine that has class 1 war criminals, this year during New Guinea visit, **** PM even visited grave of general yamamoto, architect/ commander of pearl harbor attack, **** politicans are allowed to ridicule that comfort women, naking massacre are lies. when germans or iranians complained that the figure of jews massacare in ww2 was inaccurate, they were sanctioned, if any german politician visited any nazi general/commanders' grave, he will be sacked. does USA do the same to japanese? double standard. jews are smarter, they influence USA thru politics/american votes/congress lobbying, jews are very vigilant about negative comments by nazi supporters, they take solid action instead of words. china/taiwan/south korea just use their big mouth, and no action. that is why japan does not give a **** to china/south korean as long as USA is on their side, and as long as chinese/korean contended with japanese cars/electronics/products.




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