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  • Feb 27, 2015
  • Updated: 11:53am
China is expanding its South China Sea outposts, says US

China is expanding its outposts in the South China Sea to include stationing for ships and potential airfields as part of its “aggressive” effort to exert sovereignty, the US intelligence chief...

27 Feb 2015 - 11:53am
Taiwan says it may fly military planes in civil airspace set by China

A ranking Taiwan transport official on Thursday reiterated opposition to China’s planned corridors for commercial flights above the Taiwan Strait, suggesting the use of military planes for...

Updated 27 Feb 2015 - 11:46am
Taiwan says it may fly military planes in civil airspace set by China

The launch of a free-trade zone in Guangdong could be delayed, sources close to the provincial government said, after a similar zone in Fujian was postponed abruptly yesterday.

27 Feb 2015 - 2:06am
Taiwan says it may fly military planes in civil airspace set by China

Taiwan’s Justice Ministry announced on Thursday night that 23 officials, including the head of the Agency of Corrections, would be punished for negligence over the island’s first-ever prison siege...

27 Feb 2015 - 1:52am
Taiwan says it may fly military planes in civil airspace set by China

The rise of China's middle class posed no challenge to the authority of the Communist Party, state media said yesterday.

27 Feb 2015 - 3:32am
Fears case against obstetrician whose patient died after delivery will set China precedent

A Fujian obstetrician whose patient died hours after giving birth will stand trial for criminal negligence, raising concern among doctors that they could face charges for failing to achieve ideal...

27 Feb 2015 - 9:49am

The mainland is banning the import of ivory products for one year amid criticism that its citizens' huge appetite for the material is threatening the existence of African elephants.

Updated 27 Feb 2015 - 11:35am


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Civil servants who lie on their personal records and resumes are being targeted by a new audit ordered by the central government.

26 Feb 2015 - 5:01pm

Disputes over the sale and seizure of farmland are one of the biggest causes of protests around the country

26 Feb 2015 - 3:44pm

Taiwan’s representatives in the United States have been given vehicle licence plates similar to those for diplomats, in what is viewed as further improvement in US-Taiwan relations since the two...

27 Feb 2015 - 1:54am

Comments by China’s Supreme Court – Beijing’s latest attack on Western ideology – are another sign of President Xi Jinping’s conservative political agenda

26 Feb 2015 - 12:02pm

China now has more diesel- and nuclear-powered vessels than the US, although their quality is inferior, a top US Navy admiral tells American lawmakers

26 Feb 2015 - 4:27pm

Cabinet spokesman Sun Lih-chyun said: “Government authorities are still verifying the threat ... there is no need to be panicked and the government will keep a watch on developments."

26 Feb 2015 - 10:01pm

Animal from endangered species kept illegally as a pet by a Chinese businessman on the rooftop of his home

26 Feb 2015 - 3:50pm

Chinese tycoon Wang Jianlin blames Western education for his son's controversial remark that potential girlfriends needed to be "buxom".

26 Feb 2015 - 12:01pm

State media has given widespread coverage to President Xi Jinping's political theory ahead of the national parliamentary session, advancing his vision for governing China.

26 Feb 2015 - 9:26am

China has dropped some of the world's leading technology brands from its approved state procurement lists in what some analysts said was a response to cybersurveillance.

26 Feb 2015 - 10:37am

Tourists from the mainland made more than five million trips abroad during the Lunar New Year holiday, a 10 per cent rise on the same period last year.

26 Feb 2015 - 3:43am

The head of Taiwan's Kuomintang has announced that legislature speaker Wang Jin-pyng remains a member of the ruling party - ending months of disputes.

26 Feb 2015 - 9:36am

Beijing unveiled tax reductions for small companies in a bid to ease their financial burden amid a weakening economy and free up funds for them to invest in technology.

26 Feb 2015 - 3:31am

The head of ethnic rebel forces in a restive region of northern Myanmar has denied claims by the country’s military that Chinese mercenaries are supporting them, a state-run newspaper has reported...

26 Feb 2015 - 5:45am

A Beijing university famous for teaching Chinese to foreigners is to open its first overseas campus in Tokyo.

26 Feb 2015 - 5:37am

Motorists are angry after confusing hundreds of thousands of Lunar New Year red lanterns for traffic lights in one Chinese city.

25 Feb 2015 - 7:09pm

An ambulance with three injured people inside reportedly took 12 hours to reach hospital in China after motorists blocked the emergency lane of a highway during a traffic jam.

25 Feb 2015 - 8:40pm

A pig has become an unlikely hit on the internet in China after it was photographed at a Buddhist Temple looking like it was praying.

Pictures of the animal with its head bowed at the...

25 Feb 2015 - 5:04pm

Family of Bishop Shi Enxiang, who spent more than half a century in detention for refusing to renounce Pope's authority, told by a village official last month that he had died, aged 93

25 Feb 2015 - 8:42pm

Plans in Yunnan province, known for its beautiful mountain scenery, come after complaints by tourists over problems of insanitary and poor quality toilets around nation.

25 Feb 2015 - 8:43pm

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