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PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 17 July, 2013, 10:49am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 24 July, 2013, 6:12pm

China is ranked world's fourth 'horniest country'... but where's Japan?


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A popular men’s lifestyle website AskMen has surprised its Chinese readers by ranking China No 4 in its list of the world's top 10 "horniest countries”.

But what baffles the Chinese even more is the fact that Japan - whose AV idols have drawn tens of millions of loyal followers in China and worldwide - had failed to make the list.

“What happened to Japan?” asked many on Weibo.

On its website, AskMen said China's “sexual revolution” had won itself a place on the list. 

“In the past eight years, 5,000 sex shops have opened in Beijing alone. Plus, China even has a Sexpo, where Chinese residents come to check out sex paraphernalia. And with 70 per cent of the world’s sex toys made in China, its horniest country status means that a good deal of their hard work won't have to go very far,” the website said. 

“But those sex toys were made in China, not for China,” a microblogger argued on Weibo. “And why not rank the country that actually uses these toys?”

AskMen ranks Greece No 1, followed by Brazil and Russia.


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I suppose we are to understand that, being a mere blog, this material need not be treated as "news" but the SCMP gave it front-page headline billing, so we might be excused for expecting some factual basis to it. But it turns out that the article is just a comment on a piece in AskMen which offers no clue whatsoever as to the basis for its so-called ranking. The AskMen article is no better than what one used to find in magazine horoscope columns - nothing more than one person's fantasies. The SCMP should be ashamed of reprinting it.
Websites like AskMen just write cheap articles to attract viewers. Their writing lacks quality, and if you pay a closer look to this article you'll find it's just like the writer arbitrarily chose 10 countries and stuffed the content hastily. If such a ranking is ever to be done, a social science research would be much more reliable.
hard times !
China is named the fourth horniest country in the world , even has a higher place than the lusty Japanese who are notorious for their lust of sex and abnormal sexual behaviours. I think the phenomenon might be due to the rapid rise of economic power and quite a lot of Chinese men become so lusty after getting rich.They tend to keep several mistresses and some even dozens from teenaged girls to film stars,TV hostesses, singers and not to say those who work in the sex trade or entertainment sectors.Sex shops are rampant in the coastal cities while prositution is illegal but the number of sex workers is said to be in millions, excluding those male ones.
An AskMen ranking based on nothing but the magazine's wit (if any) and whim? Really Ms Li? I know you go for the soft news stories, but this one is rather deeply below par, don't you think?

Very typical example of a 'story' with a high click-generating objective. Both for you and for AskMen, and it worked.

News value zero.
China's only fourth?
Does the standing committee in Beijing know about this? We need to be NUMBER ONE!
What about India? I am curious... Seems to me that men from that country are quite horny. Rape is rampant in that country as well.
Actually anybody who reads a little know that Japan is actually one of the country where the men are the less horny in the past year to the point that it is a national problem. The reason mainly because they work too much and don't spend time with their family.
Horny in KTV bars for sure, but with wives & girlfriends i'm not so sure
Japan is full of old people, and getting older by the year, that's where!. Besides, these writers are looking for ways to write about China. China is the rising star, Western readers will find anything about China more and more interesting. Japan is passe.
This just proves Weibo writers have no brains.
AL: “ horniest country ...where's Japan?”
Let’s hear the
Buffalo Soldiers (Robert O'Conner)
“You know these Nap kcuf films, they got more than their fair share of ducks in them
“Your average American kcuf film keeps the duckwork down
“Plus they’re little ducks up there
“Think Japanese, they got littler ducks?”
“Thing probably wore itself down
“All the kcufing he’s doing, thing eroded”.
“Why doesn’t she want him sleeping with his regular wife?
“Says she‘s going to cut him up if he does that”.
“Oh man. That is bad news. Bad news in the duck department”
“American movies, the guy’s always got a d ong bigger than the Squash here. They got, like, height requirement for ducks. This guy, what’s he got?”
“Let me tell you, somebody pulls a blade on your duck, it’s time to reassess the relationship”
“Probably one of those Ginsu things too,
“cut what, eleven different ways?”
Chapter 24
I would definitely say that sexual perceptions in China is much more conservative than those in developed countries, both North America and Europe. This is especially true among the middle class. Sex quite is open both in the countryside and among the very rich kids, but definitely not among the middle class, which comprises a huge portion of Chinese population.
Just curious: what are the "abnormal sexual behaviours" in Japan?
Dai Muff
AskMen knows how to shoeshine growing markets.
Well seems japan is getting really old......


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