Child beggars on Beijing subway spark child trafficking fears

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 17 July, 2013, 6:11pm
UPDATED : Thursday, 29 August, 2013, 4:13am

A woman who has been seen begging with different children on the Beijing subway has sparked concern over possible trafficking and children being forced to beg.

A passenger on Beijing’s busy No 10 subway line noticed a woman, who begs with a microphone and a paper bag, with five different children on three different days and posted the pictures online, Beijing Youth Daily reported on Tuesday.

“I managed to shoot her face finally. This woman takes different children to beg on the subway every day, even when the weather is really bad,” wrote the passenger on her Weibo page.

The photographs have sparked concern and have led to discussion online. Most Chinese netizens think it is a case of child trafficking and have expressed concern for the welfare of the children and blame the police for their inaction.

“The children are so poor. The woman must have kidnapped them. No mother would take her own children to beg,” said one Weibo user.

“What are the police doing? They are useless and just wait for their salaries,” commented another.

Others suggested that the woman might have five children or have adopted some of them.

The Beijing police declined to comment on Wednesday when contacted by the South China Morning Post.

An estimated 70,000 children are kidnapped each year in China with many being forced to beg.

Two years ago, an online campaign called on people to take pictures of young children begging and post them online in an attempt to identify and rescue kidnapped children.