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PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 23 July, 2013, 11:36am
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'Hello beautiful!' Xi Jinping's 'flirtatious' greeting surprises China

First Vice Premier stunned China watchers with his casual humour during a recent trip to America, and now President Xi Jinping has been heard calling a young woman "beautiful" in front of reporters


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While journalists around the world reported the birth of a baby for Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, Chinese media on Tuesday were focused on President Xi Jinping, 59 - who was heard calling a young woman in central Wuhan city “beautiful” in front of reporters.

This came just days after former president Jiang Zemin gave Xi his full backing during a meeting with former US secretary of state Henry Kissinger, calling him a “very capable and talented state leader” 

“Hello beautiful,” Xi hailed local woman Guo Tingting during his visit to “Wuhan Citizens Home,” a government service centre on Monday, according to the Chutian Metropolis Daily.

“This is definitely better than calling women “comrades,” a microblogger wrote. Often used by communist party members when referring to fellow cadres, the word "comrade"  has now taken on a more popular meaning in China - “homosexual".

Guo, who was apparently exhilarated after her good looks were acknowledged by the president, told her work mates: “Who will dare not to call me a beautiful after this?,” media reports said.

While most people seemed to appeciate the casual way Xi greeted Guo, some were critical.

“That sounded quite frivolous,” one microblogger wrote.

“China needs a  leader who can make meaningful exchanges,” another said, “Not someone who speaks fancy words.”

While Chinese leaders are often mocked for their stiff facial expressions, immaculate black hair,  and lack of humour, some officials in Xi's administration are believed to have adopted a more personable leadership style than their predecessors.

China’s Vice-Premier Wang Yang, for instance, had recently compared the relationship between China and US to a “straight” marriage. His "humour"  was applauded by Chinese media. 



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AL: “journalists around the world reported the birth of a baby for Catherine”
Thus spake her narrow and pedestrian worldview
She seems fit only for "eight hang" tabloids
People are reading too much into this. I think it is a nice, friendly greeting given by a person in a good mood. And why not?
What can one expect from a lecherous, ruthless murderous gangster in a suit. People are so naive when it comes to the brutality and lack of heart that the evil CCP has. The CCP has murdered one hundred million of its people since 1949 and is now attempting the genocide of the tens of millions of innocent Falun Gong practitioners who live in China, by the use of torture, slave camps, organ harvesting and murder. Real beautiful.
There isnt tens of millions of Falun Gong practitioners in the whole world let alone China.
the sun also rises
first we had our first vice-premier,Mr.Wang Yang told
his American counterpart that China and America
cannot divorce as we have too close relationship
in both economy and trade plus national bonds
of course,though differs in ideology, military and
allies plus political system as well.
Now we have our president who is straight-talking
as telling a Wuhan young woman that she is
a beauty ! These scenes have never been
heard of since the establishment of the PRC
in 1949.Maybe the liberation of thought will
finally bring along the long-delayed
political reforms--a democratic China
in the end.Just wait and see
Glad you are so happy about YOUR president. Not sure how many true Hong Kong citizens share your enthusiasm.
Relax KwunTongBypass. Silent is the night is a pretty vocal supporter of democracy, but he is also a proud Chinese. He is hopeful for political reforms in China, and he is giving President Xi Jinping a chance. It shows that Silent is the night is open minded.

Although I am not terribly optimistic about political reform in China, I am much more optimistic about political reform in HK. I am convinced there will be a reasonable package unveiled that will offer a semi open ballot for the 2017 CE election via universal suffrage.

China won't be offering such a sweet political reform package to HK out of the kindness of their hearts. They know that if they don't, HK will be ungovernable and they have enough stuff to deal with as it is.
Mr Xie already has a reputation as a womanizer if the world doesnt know it yet.. he turned city of Fuzhou in Fujian province into a **** house.. he approved most of the nite establishments there when he was there..
Why not Clinton's path ? Clinton is only a man.
Hey he's human...good for him! Just don't follow the path of Clinton though!!


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