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China news round-up: People's Daily widens constitutional debate, Wang Yi visits Vietnam

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 06 August, 2013, 7:41am
UPDATED : Thursday, 29 August, 2013, 4:13am

Ta Kung Pao*
The employment of two former provincial governors in Hong Kong has raised legal questions.
People's Daily overseas edition*
Constitutional rule in the US "doesn't live up to its reputation".
Beijing News*
There is a general consensus on the abolition of re-education-through-labour camps, according to an Academy of Social Sciences report
Washington Post
Is China’s vast Web monitoring actually helping to grow democracy?

Beijing Times*
China bans online advertising for tobacco.
A rush to open universities and amass academic credentials has devalued diplomas, writes Carl Minzner.
Global Times*
Editorial: Officials should be banned from entering night clubs.
Chinese women were the least likely to be satisfied with their marriage in a survey of five nations.

Wall Street Journal - China Real Time Report
Wide gaps between growth in credit and the real economy are not uncommon during slowdowns, says the People's Bank of China.
The Guardian
BMW recalls 140,000 potentially faulty 5-series cars in China.
China’s State Council urges credit support for shipbuilders.
Bloomberg offers services to fund companies in China.

Foreign affairs
Financial Times
EU defers China telecoms trade case.
China says in no hurry to sign South China Sea accord.
Chosun Ilbo
The Chinese government is delaying the case of repeat North Korean defector Kim Kwang-ho and his family, who were arrested there on July 14.
New Zealand Herald
The country's 100% Pure New Zealand campaign has been described as "a festering sore" in Chinese media.