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China news round-up: PLA holds exercise on war anniversary, Novartis launches investigation

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 15 August, 2013, 7:56am
UPDATED : Thursday, 15 August, 2013, 8:04am

People's Daily*
"Reform is also a form of revolution", writes the Communist Party paper.
Ming Pao*
State media criticise former PM Wen Jiabao's economic stimulus measures.
The Atlantic
Where is China's Gorbachev?
The People's Bank of China considers more online payment licenses.

Civil society
Asahi Shimbun
China detains friends, foes of Bo Xilai before trial.
Xinjiang Daily*
World's oldest person, 127 years old, found living in Xinjiang.
Tea Leaf Nation
Fact-checking citizen critiques the Three Gorges Dam. 
Radio Free Asia
Two Uyghur exile groups slam Beijing for opening fire on a Uyghur crowd ahead of Ramadan.

Chinese banks have extended a decline in lending entering August, reflecting shrinking credit demand in the economy.
Wall Street Journal - China Real Time Report
China Commercial Credit, a microloan company, harbours ambitions of buying a US bank.
Wall Street Journal
Novartis has opened an investigation into possible misconduct at its Chinese operations.
The Guardian
Comment: Does China's crackdown on corporate wrongdoing mark the arrival of CSR?

Foreign affairs
Southern Metropolis Daily*
The PLA starts military exercises in the East China Sea.
Le Monde
Africa "wakes up", starts criticising Chinese business practises.
Global Times*
Chad suspends CNPC unit over pollution concerns.
Chinese billionaire Huang Nubo is ready to invest in property in Iceland as the new government reviews investment laws that had blocked his previous bids.

* denotes articles in Chinese language.