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Anhui policemen watched as man stabbed woman, 17, to death

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 22 August, 2013, 10:51am
UPDATED : Thursday, 22 August, 2013, 12:46pm

Two Anhui police officers - called in to save a hostage from a knife-wielding man in a Bengbu city supermarket - watched him stab a 17-year-old female cashier to death on Sunday, according to security footage released by the store.

Families of the victim, identified only by their surname Hu, were infuriated that two police officers, who were standing only three metres away from Hu, did nothing when the girl was being stabbed.

It was only after Hu fell down to the ground, lifeless, that the officers approached and arrested the suspect who was slashing himself with a knife, according to the People's Daily.

“She would not have died if the two of them had stepped up and stopped him,” a family member of Hu's said. Hu’s parents were migrant workers. She had been living with her grandmother in Bangbu, the reports said.

An internal investigation has been launched after families of Hu accused the  two officers - in their 20s and 40s - of failing to do their job, according to People's Daily's Weibo post on Thursday.

The head of the precinct where the two officers worked had earlier denied accusations they were ''cowards and gutless,”  and, instead, said they were “slow in their response".

Supermarket workers alerted police after the man was seen lingering inside the store for an unusually long time on Sunday afternoon wheret he bought two knives, the reports said. At one point, the man walked out - and returned 30 minutes later. This time, he walked straight to the cashier - whom he had met via an online chat site, and attacked her.


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Policemen has firearms and they are allowed to shoot the knife wielding man to dead in order the safe the hostage. The officers at the scene were coward and dumb.
useless pigs!!!
Now if the perp had been doing something really bad, like handing circulars calling for the rule of law and respect for the constitution, THEN he'd have been disciplined.
Interesting observation: "Most Chinese policemen do not have firearms."
I get the feeling arming them would either have not made them any braver, or else it would have resulted in the two obviously incompetent police officers shooting the cashier by mistake.
Sure - let's arm China's police force. Obviously they don't have enough power over the population there.
Most Chinese policemen do not have firearms.
What could unarmed policemen do vs. a knife wielding man? The cops can be stabbed to death just as easily as the victim. Look up police death stabbing in Shanghai and you will find that many cops die each year in China in domestic disputes. They are unarmed.


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