Multimillionaire couple in Hubei now bus drivers

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 22 August, 2013, 9:25pm
UPDATED : Friday, 23 August, 2013, 8:20am

A Hunan couple who once had tens of millions yuan said they now were delighted to work full-time as ordinary bus drivers, Wuhan Evening News reported.

Xiaogan residents Dai Liqing and his wife Ren Yanli, who work shifts from early morning to late at night may look no different from any other bus drivers in China, but passengers would be surprised to know they own a hotel and three properties.

The couple married in 1992, the newspaper said. They quickly accumulated a multimillion yuan fortune within a few years by running a construction business and later by managing a hotel. They were making 400,000 yuan a year profit at a time when many of today’s wealthy people were struggling.

But they lost their money due to Dai’s gambling in the late 1990s. At one point Ren had to sell a property to pay her husband’s gambling debts of hundreds of thousands of yuan.

Determined to end the destructive cycle they found themselves in, the couple decided to rent their hotel and move to Wuhan to start a new life, the report said.

The couple eventually found fulfilment in 2010 by doing jobs that kept them busy – driving buses.

Ren now wakes up every day at 4am to start her shift at 5.30am. She then hands over to her husband in the afternoon for his shift that ends just before midnight.

Although the couple now spend little time together, they still feel they made the right decision, the report said.

“[He has] quit smoking and playing cards, and has become a completely different person,” Ren told the paper.

“There may be some hardship in our lives, but we feel secure and valuable,” the paper quoted Dai as saying.