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China news round-up: State media slam Bo Xilai's 'final madness', no mooncakes for cadres

PUBLISHED : Friday, 23 August, 2013, 7:44am
UPDATED : Friday, 23 August, 2013, 9:19am

Bo Xilai stands trial in Jinan
People's Daily Online*
Evidence for Bo Xilai's crimes is "irrefutable".
Guangming Daily online forum*
Bo's "final madness".
Bo's court transcript is the most widely read news story on the popular news aggregator site: 24.6 million views.
Chongqing Morning Post*
Bo's successor Sun Zhengcai gives a speech on the day of Bo's trial in which he promises improvement of residents' livelihood.
Christian Science Monitor
Video: In streets of Dalian, echoes of a fallen star's rise to power.
Wall Street Journal - China Real Time Report
Court points to Bo's Beijing home, No. 71 Xinkailu Hutong
New York Times
The Chinese public is "aware that Bo’s corruption was far less severe than that of other Chinese officials," writes Cheng Li.
Foreign Policy
Bo Xilai's downfall doesn't mean China is moving away from Mao, writes John Garnaut.
Global Post
Welcome to the first Communist show trial of the social-media era.
Financial Times
Bo "tiger" trial goes off script.
Los Angeles Times
Bo Xilai trial draws comparisons to the Gang of Four's trial in 1980.
Wall Street Journal
China's web users hang on every trial detail.
The Guardian
Bo Xilai trial coverage: controlled by the court, but extraordinary.
What state media says about the trial.
Is Xi Jinping redder than Bo Xilai or vice versa?
Offbeat China
Bo Xilai managed to grow fan base during trial.
Radio Free Asia
Chinese lawyers agree with Bo over holes in trial evidence.

Beijing Times*
Commentary: Ideological work requires a "firm hand".
China News Service*
State Council approves Shanghai Free Trade Zone.
Commentary: For places like Shanghai to match New York in terms of innovation, they must accept the growth of activities developed by grass roots and civil societies.
China Economic Review
Beijing should embark on a new growth order.

Wall Street Journal - China Real Time Report 
Chinese authorities said they are barring officials from buying mooncakes.
China News Service*
Chinese value individual freedom more than the right to health, social security, according to a government survey.
The Atlantic
Feudalism makes a comeback in slang.
The drought that Hollywood’s movies suffered in China through the first half of 2013 has been quenched by a string of successes that began in July.

China's top banks are expected to win approval for the issuance of tens of billions of yuan in negotiable certificates of deposit to prevent future liquidity squeezes.
Chinese manufacturing resumed expansion this month after shrinking the most in almost a year in July.
A ban on WeChat by Alibaba access highlights the escalating rumble between the Chinese Internet giants.
Wall Street Journal
China Mobile is preparing to award European telecommunications-equipment suppliers.

Foreign affairs
Global Times
China slams McCain over Diaoyu comments.
China says UN chemical inspectors should be objective in Syria.
New Zealand seeks to restore relations after dairy recalls.
Beijing Times*
Premier Li Keqiang calls on Russia to prevent future floods in China's northeastern provinces.

* denotes articles in Chinese language