Lost in Thailand sequel to be shot in Hong Kong

Will comedy sequel lure even more tourists from China?

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 27 August, 2013, 10:25am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 27 August, 2013, 12:08pm

China's highest grossing film of 2012, which sparked a tourism boom in Thailand, will have a sequel made in Hong Kong, reported China’s Beijing News.

According to a document released by China’s top motion pictures regulator, later retrieved by the Chinese media, the application to produce a new film called Lost in Hong Kong has now been approved. The investor of the new film also made Lost in Thailand, the low-budget comedy blockbuster which charts the adventures of two bumbling Chinese businessmen and a tourist in Thailand, according to reports.

Xu Zheng, who directed Lost in Thailand, citing a confidentiality agreement he had signed, refused to comment more on the details of Lost in Hong Kong, said Beijing News. But according to the official document, the film will feature ”the ironic and unexpected trip which the character Xu Lai took with his brother-in-law in Hong Kong, before harvesting friendship and arriving at life revelations by the end their journey."

Chinese film fans seemed pleased with the news on Tuesday, but some also wondered why Hong Kong has been chosen for the new film. 

"I bet Hong Kong will become even more popular with tourists after this movie," a microblogger said. 

While the successful, low-budget comedy Lost in Thailand has lured tens of thousands of Chinese tourists to Chiang Mai, where much of the film was shot, it also left locals in Thailand’s historic and culturally rich northern city complaining.

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