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Chinese passengers anger airline staff by refusing to hand over in-flight tableware

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 28 August, 2013, 2:15pm
UPDATED : Wednesday, 28 August, 2013, 3:00pm

In the latest controversy involving Chinese tourists - a group of mainland travellers have upset Singapore Airlines staff by refusing to hand over 30 sets of stainless steel tableware during a recent flight, Chinese media reported.

It was only after repeated warnings from a tour guide that these passengers agreed to hand them back to flight attendants. 

The Chinese passengers were on a tour of Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand. While onboard the Singapore Airlines flight,  they had intended to keep the stainless steel knives and forks provided during a meal, the Qianjiang Evening News reported on Tuesday. 

The report cited a tourist guide - but did not say exactly when the incident occurred. It said the tourists were mainly from a small town in Zhejiang province.

The flight attendants told the tourists the stainless steel tableware could not be kept because it was going to be re-used - unlike plastic disposable items. But the tourists refused to hand them over. The tourists explained that relatives who had flown with Singapore Airlines in the past told them they could keep the tableware, the report said.

The astonished flight attendants then asked a Chinese tour guide for help. The affair finally ended when the guide told the tourists they were hurting China’s image abroad. “Stop hurting the reputation of Chinese people,’’ he said.

The travellers then handed back the tableware, the report said.

The incident follows a number of reports this year on bad behaviour overseas by Chinese travellers. This includes a widely reported incident where a Chinese boy carved his name on a 3,000-year old precious relic during a trip to Egypt.

This prompted China’s deputy-premier Wang Yang to state publicly that Chinese tourists should improve their behaviour overseas.

He said such bad behaviour included Chinese tourists speaking loudly in public, carving characters on ancient relics, and disobeying pedestrian traffic signs.

Last year, US shopping website LivingSocial sponsored a poll which ranked the Chinese at second place, after Americans, as the “world’s worst tourists”. Some 15 per cent of respondents said Chinese tourists were the most obnoxious in the world.



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Foul!!! What a stupid poll! How can we be second rude in the world?? We Chinese are destined to be the first in everything. Second to Americans in rudeness indeed!
In the 1958 novel The Ugly American, someone says "A mysterious change seems to come over Americans when they go to a foreign land. They isolate themselves socially. They live pretentiously. They're loud and ostentatious." Sound familiar?
Absolutely. The cutlery were taken to show people back home how savage and benighted the outside world is.
Actually as a tour leader, just wanna make some explaination: 1 Since more and more Chinese people travel to foreign countries, some of them, first time travelling by flight or to any other foreign countries are not very clear or we can say, that not pay much attention to their behavior. For example, they do not realize that it is prohibitted to smoke in the airplane or any nonsmoking area. By the same token, they think everything in the airplane should be free and could be taken away, which is quite wrong.
I do not want to explain how their habits was formed because that would be a long story and I only want to point out the solution which is most effective-fine and punishment. For example, no one dare to bring cigarett more than 1 pack to Singapore since they know there will be severe fine and they will be put into jail.
anyone reading up on history know you are telling the true. in particular, after second world war, american tourists were denounced all over europe for their "unruly" behavior exactly like chinese tourists today. bottom line, people hate rich people coming to their country spending money and not learning the culture. signs of the times...
While there's no excuse for any such behavior anywhere in public, criticism should be going to the stewardess of Air China. Most of them are chosen for their look and height rather for their language skills and personable nature. Without provocation of any sort, the stewardess treated me with disdain on my trip to China this may. I still distinctively remember how she threw that cup of drink at me. Singapore Airline has been renowned for their quality services, and I think Air China has lots to learn from such role model.
i haven't seen stainless steel tableware on any flights in US after 9/11? go plastic!!!!
stop trolling you idiot
better yet, most likely encouraged by PRC's internet and censorship tsar!!!



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