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Bo Xilai

Chinese Communist "princeling" Bo Xilai, expected by many to take a key leadership position in the leadership transition of 2012, was expelled from the Communist Party in September after a career that saw him as Mayor of Dalian City, Minister of Commerce and Party Chief of the Chongqing municipality. His wife Gu Kailai received a suspended death sentence in August 2012 for murdering British business partner Neil Heywood. 

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Bo Xilai

New Bo Guagua photo sparks debate over fate of princeling's son

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 03 September, 2013, 2:34pm
UPDATED : Tuesday, 03 September, 2013, 3:03pm

China’s online community seems even more divided over the fate of Bo Guagua after the son of the disgraced former Politburo member Bo Xilai was pictured partying with friends in a New York cafe with a smile on his face - days after his father’s dramatic trial ended in Shandong.

In a photo that surfaced first on Twitter and was later re-posted on Weibo, Bo Guagua, 25, was seen sipping a drink while chatting with friends. The photo was taken at Boat Basin Cafe on 79th street in New York City where Bo’s attending graduate school at Columbia University, according to reports.

The son’s cheerful manner annoyed some of China’s online users. Many had recently watched the dramatic trial of Bo Xilai, who had allegedly told the court he missed both his sons a great deal.    

“Will they ever go after all the bribe money he spent?” wrote one microblogger, “And how could he possibly be so happy after what happened to his family?”

Bo Guagua’s mother, Gu Kailai, is serving a suspended death sentence for murder and his father is waiting for what will almost certainly be a guilty verdict.

“He didn’t murder anyone, and he’s entitled to his own life,” others retorted. “To live a happy life is his best revenge against his enemies.”

The photo has not just fuelled discussion on social media, but managed to elicit a response from the Beijing Evening News. The Communist Party mouthpiece said in a Monday commentary that China should bring back Bo Guagua so “justice could be served,” - ''no matter what kind of agreement had been reached before Bo Xilai’s trial”.

“Bo Guagua, who used to be a role model for teenagers is believed to be the major reason that led Bo Xilai and his wife to corruption,” argued the commentary.

Evidence presented at court during Bo Xilai’s trial portrayed Bo Guagua as a pampered playboy, who benefited from his mother's ill-gotten money. Many believe this has made it even harder for him to return home. 



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Some backwards jealous confucius thinking just do not respect a person as an individual!!!
What a stupid article - the kid is not allowed to "sip drinks with friends?"
What exactly is the photo and article meant to prove?
Are we a bit jealous of his wealth and happy lifestyle? If his parents gave him lots of spending money, why shouldn't he use them? Having left China since the age of 12, and studied in Harrow, Oxford, Harvard and now Columbia, he would be more comfortable in a western country than his own. People who think that he should mourn and stop socialising while his parents were being tried in China probably never had growing children.
what are you talking about?
this kid is knee deep into this mess, he was laundering money
One thing the kid doesn't seem to have is body guards, who, had they been there, would have prevented the little sh** who took the picture printed here from taking it.
Really? You'd think bodyguards would jump somebody taking a photo with his/her phone right in the middle of Boat Basin Cafe on 79th street in New York? Do you get out much?
What else are bodyguards for? Carry his books?
Who wouldn't be laughing if you're the spawn of two horrid people who has just left you with truckloads of corruption money for you to spend while knowing you're parents have recently been on a Chinese directed drama show called "Justice"
lol, where does he keep the money tho
he was laughing at the comical legal system in PRC.. her mother murdered ppl, took bribe money and dont know what other heinous crimes she committed yet she got only suspended death sentence and probably laughing in the 'jail' preserved for the party elite..had she been a regular Joe
probably would hv been shot b4 u could say WTF like that sorry **** developer from Hunan!!
If Bo wants to be an ordinary student at Columbia and live his own life without the baggage or mum and dad, he should give the money back. But he won't, and so netizens are entitled to their pointless outrage.
Seriously....who authorized the use of "Cohorts" when they were probably "classmates" or "bar patrons"? Get your act together, SCMP...this is weak, China Daily type "journalism".
Not at all. I learnt that word in Australia.
Well, seems it upsets you because outside China those "cohorts" should be called "classmates" or "bar patrons". Am I right?
Yes, just 'friends' or even 'other apparent humanoid life forms' would have been a better choice of words.


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