'Most awesome rooftop garden' is latest bizarre structure in China

PUBLISHED : Friday, 06 September, 2013, 3:52pm
UPDATED : Friday, 06 September, 2013, 10:06pm

A man living in a run-down building in China has managed to fend off his angry landlord and fellow tenants for the past six years to maintain a private garden oasis that internet users have dubbed "the most awesome rooftop garden".

Li Qin, who lives on the eighth floor of an eight-story building in Yibin, a city in southeastern Sichuan, enjoys relaxing by his large artificial pond and strolling through shaded pathways that weave through the densely planted crops of corn, bananas, rapeseed and other vegetation.

His landlord, Wu Chirui, discovered the additions when he noticed leaks coming from the roof in 2007. Wu told the Sichuan News Network that he is seeking compensation from Li Qin for the damaged roof and the case is still pending.

Li Qin claims that his landlord had actually hired him to make repairs on the roof, and because he hasn't been paid for his work yet, he said--to the amusement of Internet users--that his landlord is not allowed to use the garden.

It's the latest bizarre rooftop structure to emerge from China in what appears to be a growing trend.

First there was the audacious rooftop structure on top of a 26-storey building in Beijing which featured a greenhouse set in a giant rockery. In mid-August the owner was ordered to take it down.

Then came the Shenzhen homeowner who built an entire temple on the top of his apartment block, surrounded by shrubbery and ornate phoenix sculptures.

Less impressive is the giant steel and mesh “birdcage” that caps the uppermost level of a building in Guangzhou, complete with bizarre giant hook protruding from the top. The owner of this structure has also been ordered to remove it.