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Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan (Chan Kong-sang) is a Hong Kong-born actor and action choreographer best known for his role as Detective Inspector Lee in Rush Hour. He is notable for bringing humour to martial arts movies and, over the course of appearing in more than 150 films, has become one of the only actors to perform all of his own stunts. Chan, an ambassador for UNICEF/UNAIDS, has received stars on the Hong Kong Avenue of Stars and the Hollywood Walk of Fame. An operatically trained vocalist, Chan is also a Cantopop and Mandopop star, having released a number of albums and sung many of the theme songs for the films in which he has starred. 

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I'd like to see some countries have a tsunami or earthquake, says Jackie Chan

The Hong Kong star has once again made headlines thanks to controversial comments

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 23 October, 2013, 5:27pm
UPDATED : Thursday, 24 October, 2013, 12:20pm

Hong Kong action star Jackie Chan courted controversy again this week during a promotion tour in America, where the actor said he sometimes wished that countries would experience natural disasters more often.

The comments were made during a California interview where Chan was promoting the upcoming American release of his newest film, Chinese Zodiac, also known as CZ12.

When asked by a reporter about United States and China bilateral relations, Chan said that both superpowers needed to work together more, and added that people from nations all around the world generally needed to co-operate more as well. The actor then proceeded to speak his mind frankly.

“I should not say that,” Chan said. “Sometimes I really like to see some countries have a disaster coming, or either big tsunami, or either big earthquake.

“After the big disaster coming, you see the whole world, everybody fly in to help the country, I’m so happy. No tsunami, no earthquakes, everybody nothing to do, then politics come in. You fight me, I fight you, I don’t like to see those kinds of things.” [sic]

While Chan likely only meant that disasters can be helpful in helping nations to overcome political differences, his comments were immediately picked up and blasted as “insensitive” and a “slip of the tongue” by various media outlets, including Taiwan’s TVBS news network and Hong Kong’s Apple Daily.

This is not the first time Chan has made headlines for awkward comments. In 2009, Chan drew rampant criticism for a remark he made on Hong Kong’s relative freedom in the years after the handover.

“In the 10 years after Hong Kong’s return to Chinese rule… I’m not sure if it’s good to have freedom or not,” Chan reportedly said. “If you’re too free, you’re like the way Hong Kong is now. It’s very chaotic. Taiwan is also very chaotic… I’m gradually beginning to feel that we Chinese need to be controlled. If we’re not being controlled, we’ll just do what we want.”

Chan has also criticised Hong Kong as “a city of protest,” and most recently in January of this year, the actor called the United States “the most corrupt country” in the world.

The action star’s latest work, Chinese Zodiac, was released in Hong Kong in December 2012 to mixed reviews. The Post’s review praised some of the film’s action scenes, but also said the movie “lumbers like a cheap DVD knock-off of one of [Chan]’s old classics.”


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Foreign friends ask 'why many HK people don't like Jackie Chan'. This is one of the reasons! He is IDIOT!!!
Next time please be careful what you wish...what happened in the Philippines could be the result of your half-witted rhetorics...
As long as the tsunami did not hit you, Mr Jerkie Chan?
Some of these politicians and celebrities are just badly trained and advised in rhetoric. He could have said: "Why does it always need an earthquake or a tsunami to make countries work together? I wish that the same spirit of cooperation would be there without the catastrophes which strike some countries once in a while. It is amazing and good sign of hope that mankind can cooperate well at least in situations like natural disasters".
JC, that is a sample for free, if you need good advise in the future for your speeches and talks, I can do it for you at competitive rate.
Poor Jackie must have fallen on his head one too many times! It's been pretty well documented that repeated blows to the cranium result in gray cell loss which causes stupidity. That explains Jackie but how do we explain C.Y.?
That comment is of the same kind as this "Kill everyone in China" comment fm this Jimmy Kimmel.
Relji Joseph
I think the man just spoke his heart and he is yet to realize that he is celeb where he cannot be a free thinker, and celebs doesn't have freedom of speech and expression, only bloggers and news reporters have the right to do and say what they want without getting in to trouble, ... he still washes his undies by himself, does all his stunt and said wont give a penny to his son as he wants his son to be successful on his own ground, who does that all in this millennium ??? ... I say stone him now, regret it in next 1000 years and lets make a God out of this action figure :D
Another one without any common sense and/or brains!
What a stupid man.
If you want catastrophe, please get out of HK.
He is so stupid and still hasn't learned from his past interviews where he again said stupid things.
Even if he meant that he is happy to see people helping, it is inappropriate to hope seeing countries hitting by a Tsunami or earthquake where thousands of people could die. Just to satisfy his joy to see then people helping? Jacky Chan, you must have lost most of your brains somewhere in the Rumble in the Bronx.
We should just stop paying attention to this clown.
Jackie: "I should not say that"
Then don't say it Jackie.....
Stick to shampoo ads Jackie...
Comrade Crunch
Heh no thanks. That shampoo was nasty stuff.
Jerry Blum please stop taking statements that were made in the context of discussing a subject: By a five-year old making a rather outrageous but funny statement, and by a guy struggling to find his right words in English, and then make a
This tis the second today! You really must get paid for on-line clicks on your garbage 'news'!
The reporter is merely doing what he is assigned to do.So stop your attack. If Chen is a loose canon, so are you.
all online news websites get paid for how many clicks they make...because the number of clicks determines how much advertisers are willing to pay for ad space, and they also determine the popularity of a site. that's how the news business, and the free website business works. a good reporter SHOULD come up with a headline that catches eyes and makes people click on the story! that's part of the job!
and besides editors are usually the ones who decide on the final headlines of articles, not reporters.
never mind whether it is out of context, half true, misleading, insulting, or harassing - you must be used to British tabloids!
sudo rm -f cy
Jackie is clearly a believer in "all publicity is good publicity". The best we can do is ignore him.
Definitely someone who cannot open his mouth when he's not making those garbage movies of his.
dude... garbage? his movies are F***ing entertaining. he is the epitome of success in movies, either in Asia or western countries.
Jackie only opens his mouth to change feet...


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