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Jackie Chan
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Jackie Chan hits back at 'sensationalist' media reports on his natural disasters comments

Hong Kong action star blames media for 'distorting' his meaning

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 24 October, 2013, 12:35pm
UPDATED : Friday, 25 October, 2013, 3:50pm

Jackie Chan has hit back at what he described as “sensationalist reporting” over his recent comments that he wished countries should experience natural disasters more often, while social media reacted with great disdain but little surprise over his gaffe.

“How could anyone like to see natural disasters?” Chan told Tencent Entertainment over the phone. “What I meant was I want everyone to rally together, to protect and defend each other.

“I don’t know why my meaning was distorted in this way, but I don’t care, [because] people who know and understand me will realise this. For those who like sensationalist reporting, nothing I say will make a difference.”

Hong Kong celebrities also voiced their support. “I believe the comment was not from his heart. It is not rational, right?” actress Carina Lau told The Apple Daily, adding that sometimes “we all misunderstand Jackie Chan”.

Chan has earned a reputation for verbal blunders in the past. Most famously, he once said that Chinese people “need to be controlled”.

Film star Eric Tang gave a more measured response to Chan’s remarks, saying Chan “has problems expressing himself and doesn’t realise when there’s problems. He’d be better off communicating by kung fu”.

There was no official response by Chan on social media. His Twitter, weibo, Facebook and personal website made no mention of the interview in California, where he was promoting his upcoming film Chinese Zodiac, also known as CZ12.

But the internet was nevertheless abuzz with reactions. Many were unsurprised, referring back to Chan’s previous indiscretions. “Just gag this idiot,” wrote Twitter user “Ning”.

“We should shun Jackie Chan and his movies once and for all…why should this man be raking in big bucks from American fans while trashing the very freedoms and cultures that made him a superstar?” read one comment on a Business Insider report of the incident.

Others were more forgiving. “It doesn’t need any explanation, we all know it was rogue reporting taking meaning out of context,” wrote user “Mr Yang” on weibo.

The Tencent reporter asked Chan if he was angry. “After so many years I’ve grown a thick skin,” Chan replied.


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He couldn't care less about us; we couldn't care less about him.
Why can't we read the entire script about what Jacky has said, then give him our fair comment! What I have perceived is that Jacky wanted very much that the different countries can come together and work together then the people of the world can live in better harmony. He has actually lamented that the only situations we can see different countries working hand in hand for common good were in situations of natural disasters like the tsunamis and earth quakes. For those who see his speech as against Japan, a friendly ally of western countries, please note the the recent earth quakes in China have in fact the highest casualties.
Common, let us be fair to Jacky Chan, although he is just a Chinese!
Who really cares?.............it's not the first time he's shown his stupidity and certainly won't be the last............
You know, he has so much money and really can not afford a PR-Manager who calls him every day in the morning to remind him to shut up and don't talk in public. If you talk in public you need brains, what he surely miss.
He is getting old, cannot rely on the so called "kung fu" to show off, so he has to make idiotic comments to attraction attention from time to time.
His remarks are not important anyway.
这只香港臭虫经常在美国 让华人丢脸,不过美国 talk shows 都很喜欢他丑化华人,经常叫他上节目耍功夫,只要给他钱,他就很乐意。
As long as the tsunami did not hit you, right, Mr Jackie Chan?
Jackie should have rehe****d the script with his linguistic PR before going to record on tape. Maybe if he tries to refrain from speaking English and have an interpreter by his side he could prevent an all out war or make a fool out of himself, again and again.
Paraphrase:" Sometime I Would Like to See Some Country Have a Disaster Coming...."
Whatever he adds beyond these words are irrelevant because the message is twistedly distorted beyond repair. He just have to MAN UP and face the repercussions. A glitch that inevitably cost him dearly. If speaking in a foreign language (obviously) is not his forte, stick with his native.
It's baffling how he is awarded with a PhD. It's more baffling how this title is given to anyone based on their quota of charity made. Only in Asia....
he is still a pro-beijing lapdog no matter what he said.
we Hong Kong people hate him because he has no integrity and conscience. he has said many other things before that shows him he only has the intellect of a toddler (or even worse).
anyway, he always acts like a clown to western media and thinks he is being funny.
why can't he just shut the f**k up for one second and stop making a fool of himself.



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