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Chinese community rallies against Jimmy Kimmel for 'kill everyone in China' comment

Protesters include mainland netizens and Chinese Americans from over 37 states

PUBLISHED : Friday, 25 October, 2013, 9:35pm
UPDATED : Saturday, 26 October, 2013, 1:00pm


  • Yes: 71%
  • No: 29%
26 Oct 2013
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Total number of votes recorded: 607

Overseas Chinese communities and domestic Chinese citizens alike have rallied together against US comedian Jimmy Kimmel and television network ABC for a late night talk show skit that suggested Americans “kill everyone in China”.

The skit, originally aired on the “Kid’s Table” segment of Kimmel’s talk show on October 16, instantly drew ire from the Chinese community, who began a White House petition calling for a formal apology.

The petition called the skit “extremely distasteful and … the same rhetoric used in Nazi Germany against Jewish people.”

Video: Jimmy Kimmel's show stirs controversy with comment about killing Chinese

Since its creation, the petition has received over 35,000 signatures, and according to rules on the White House page, will be reviewed by political staff if it is signed more than 64,283 times before November 18.

A Facebook page accompanying the petition, entitled “Investigate Jimmy Kimmel Kid’s Table Show on ABC Network” has gathered over 2,600 likes and reveals that signers of the petition include Canadians, mainland Chinese residents and Chinese Americans from over 37 states, including California, New York and Texas.

Word of the controversy and videos of the skit have also attracted attention in China’s microblog community, where SIna Weibo users urged all overseas Chinese living in the San Francisco area to make their voices heard at ABC’s headquarters.

“All Chinese living near San Francisco, let’s form a collective on Monday and protest outside the doors of ABC,” one outspoken Weibo user living in California wrote. “Spread the word!”

Joe Wong, a Chinese American stand-up comedian, has been particularly vocal in his support of the petition on his own microblog.

“I am a comedian,” Wong wrote. “But I’m also Chinese. Some [Americans] dare to make fun of Chinese minorities, but they would not do the same thing to other races. Why? Because when they offend African Americans or Jewish people, the consequences are too serious.

“There are millions of Chinese out there, but only tens of thousands have signed [the petition] … Everyone may be busy, but the point of being busy is to give yourself and future generations the chance to live in a society that understands and respects Chinese people. Please grasp this opportunity and sign this petition.”

The original clip of the skit has been removed from Youtube, but neither Kimmel nor ABC have responded to the controversy yet.


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This is making a mountain out of a mole hill. It's a comedy show. It's satire. It's meant to make fun of ignorant american mentalities represented through a child. I think it is making fun of americans more so than Kimmel being racist.
To condense this whole situation: Kimmel said, "Look how ridiculous for us to think 'Kill all the Chinese' is some sort of solution " And you guys are up in arms saying, "He said "Kill all the Chinese' , he's a racist!!!"
The whole reason that the idea of 'kill everyone in China' is funny because it is coming from the mouth of a 6-year old, and of course is a completely ridiculous over-the-top 'solution' to a problem the boy has no serious clue about (the US national debt). It is funny because it is so preposterous and nobody would take it seriously for even a millisecond, unless you are a 6 year old.

There is also nothing racist about it. Kimmel prompted the kids with China since that country is one of the largest foreign sovereign holders of US debt. If Brazil, Canada or Iceland would have been in that position and been taken as an example, the line would have been 'Kill everybody in Iceland.'

These are kids who earlier in the segment identified the US president as "Mirock Obama." Should the president feel hurt and demand an apology from ABC? Get real please.

The only thing the -minor- outrage over this illustrates is the humourless self-importance of some people who probably have never had the joy of dealing with 6-year old children.
Jeremy, your phrasing I suppose is intentionally suggestive and misleading. You write, "talk show skit that suggested Americans “kill everyone in China”" which would imply to the reasonable first time reader, unfamiliar with the facts, that the SKIT ITSELF, and not a 5 year old speaking his own mind, suggested that that "we kill everyone in china".
Perhaps I'm being overly sensitive to your writing, but it seems the haters are being overly sensitive about the video which 90% have not seen but seem to 'know' is wrong and offensive to Chinese people.
Errrmmmm....yes, you are taking sides....
some people just took it way too seriously
I never knew holocaust or genocide can be so casually joked around like this... let alone being so brainlessly aired on TV (ABC).
Two questions immediately come into my mind:
(a) What kind of education this kid is getting at home? Talking about killing so casually? Killing somebody to avoid an obligation? (No wonder we have so many shootings in US.)
(b) What is ABC thinking? Does it mean ABC editorial policy finds it acceptable to air racist joke like this?
I encourage people to do the following initial steps:
1) Sign the White House "We The People Petition" to get attention and corrective action. Do that before Nov 18. See and sign on this petition:
2) Sign the Change.org petition. See:
3) Write letters to ABC and ask for a formal explanation and public apology for letting the show to air, and promise to institutionalize a corrective policy so that this kind of racist stupidity will never happen again. (We cannot accept any argument from ABC that they have no control over this kind of stuff. Do they allow 4-letter “F” word or the “N” word, for example, to be spilled all over casually?)
4) Boycott, in the US and worldwide, the sponsors of Jimmy Kimmel show... if they do not respond properly.
I am a Taiwanese original and I am not taking sides. Chinese immigrants had been discriminated for decades and denied their basic rights as well as U.S. citizenship to Chinese immigrants in the country. The law was repealed in 1943 after China became a U.S. ally in World War II. Chinese or Asian people did not automatically give the same constitutional rights as Europeans/Americans, particular western Europeans, in the United States, but to strive for. If you are Asians’ background, your rights may be taken away if there is a conflict between U.S and the country which you are from, such as Americans/Japanese. Mr. Jimmy Kimmel talk show skit “kill everyone in China” is not just nationality, but stir up racial hatred. It will be affected any Chinese/Americans’ constitutional rights in the future. Most European/American look you and see your Asian faces. they do not think that you are an American but Asian no matter how many generations you have been in U.S.
The Following paragraph I quoted from a commentator in Yahoo.com “when European folks came here to North America and killed off a great deal of the native population. Then there would be the religious faction, who went on to try and do good deeds and still managed to wipe out complete tribes of natives in many countries from their completely dispirited attitude to becoming "civilized". Yes, overall, white wasp people historically have killed off, or zoned off a great many peoples.”
Jennie PC Chiang/江佩珍 美國
The video is still available in ****www.scmp.com/news/china-insider/article/1337344/kill-everyone-china-outrage-over-comment-during-jimmy-kimmel-skit
One of the four kids is oriental and just might be Chinese. I don't think that the blond-headed boy who said this really meant anything except it probably seemed like a simple solution to a child who might have learned this from all those violent videos and games. ABC people probably should have been more careful about what they air.
Raymond Lee, please don't make further comment.
You have only half of the wisdom and intelligent than normal, not worth to hear.
Get yourself more educated or go get a job to clean toilet.



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