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ABC apologises for ‘kill everyone in China’ comment on Jimmy Kimmel show

PUBLISHED : Monday, 28 October, 2013, 1:01pm
UPDATED : Thursday, 31 October, 2013, 10:22am

US television network ABC has issued a formal apology for allowing the comment “Kill everyone in China” to air on its late-night show Jimmy Kimmel Live, which has provoked outrage from Chinese communities around the world.

“We offer our sincere apology,” read a statement from ABC obtained by South China Morning Post on Saturday. “We would never purposefully broadcast anything to upset the Chinese community, Asian community, anyone of Chinese descent or any community at large...our objective is to entertain.”

The statement, signed by Lisa Berger, ABC Entertainment’s executive vice president who oversees the Jimmy Kimmel Live show, and Tim McNeal, vice president of ABC’s talent development and diversity branch, added that ABC had removed the controversial comment from all media platforms and would edit the comment out of any future airing of the show.

Video: Jimmy Kimmel's show stirs controversy with comment about killing Chinese

This is the first known apology the television network has issued over the controversial skit originally aired on the “Kid’s Table” segment of Kimmel’s late-night talk show on October 16. It showed a young boy who suggested that the US should resolve its debt crisis by “killing everyone in China.”

Cyberspace-based organisation 80-20 Initiative in US that promotes equal opportunities for Asian Americans said the apology was a result of its "hard negotiations". 

S.B.Woo, the organisation's chairman and of Hong Kong-origin, told the Post by telephone that he immediately lodged a protest with the television network as soon as he found out that the Jimmy Kimmel Live programme was actually not live.

“Otherwise, personally I do not think it is a big deal – because kids say the darnedest things,” said Woo. “However, allowing it to air shows ABC’s grievous lack of judgment.” He added the programme would not dare to air a similar comment aimed at black or Jewish people.

“Personally I don’t consider [the apology] a victory at all,” he said.

Woo added that the incident only reflected that Asian-American communities were not doing enough to have their voices heard in American society and he urged them to unite in the face of similar situations in the future. If they had done so in this case, “the outcome of this incident would have been even more satisfactory,” he said.

Video: Jimmy Kimmel Apologizes for 'Kill everyone in China' remark



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To be fair, Chinese are not particularly upset about the kid making such an offensive comment. They are upset mostly because it's not a live broadcast. Jimmy and ABC had plenty of time to decide not to air such show, just like ABC would not air a show talking about killing all Jews or blacks. On top of that, Jimmy even dared to arrogantly ask "Shall we allow the Chinese to live?" They are not blaming the kid, they are blaming Jimmy and ABC. ABC and Jimmy's apologies were also less than sincere. If you don't think you did anything wrong, don't apologize. Don't sound like it was an accident, and certainly don't sound like you were misunderstood, and in fact, blaming others for not being able to understand you correctly. Racism is not a joke and not acceptable even in our free-speech society. Get it?
The kid is just saying what millions of Yanks and other whites are saying. It's a good thing. It will make the Chinese realise how many westerners hate them - so they can stop their whiteworshipping (women especially) and adjust their responses accordingly.
The kid is just saying what millions of Yanks and other whites are saying. It's a good thing. It will make the Chinese realise how many westerners hate them - so they can stop their whiteworshipping (women especially) and adjust their responses accordingly.
Jack from china
This is not a chat under the table. A lot of people said I hate this black guy or I want to kill my boss or whatever people want to say.
This is a public media. This is the message that is broadcast.
Did Chinese people kill someone because of skin color? Did some racist in US kill someone because of skin color ? At least I know black people and Asian people died because of this hate.
It is amazing to watch how skillful some Chinese to exaggerate a kid joke to a nationwide political hatred.
It's no secret too. All authoritarian regimes need a lot of hatred in order to maintain their rule. For decades over one billion Chinese people have been immersed in a strong political hatred environment. China, along with North Korea, are the most political hatred countries in this world.
Anyone who understands Chinese can easily see many vicious comments everyday in China's online forums or Weibo (Chinese version of Twitter). Such as "Kill all Japanese", "Death to Americans!", "Eliminate India!", "Kill all the Uighurs", "Kill Vietnam monkeys" , "HEPING Taiwan/Japan!" (Raze Taiwan/Japan using nuclear bombs), "Rape the Filipino maids to death!", and so on. The commentators are all adults, and many of them are the government carders.
According to the official data Chinese government hire several million "network commentators", "public opinion analytics" to "guide the public opinion". Inciting hatred is one of their major tasks.
Now, all the sudden, they are "deeply, deeply disturbed" by a kid in a joking program. See how swiftly they changed to a bunch of innocent babies? Unfortunately, that doesn't mean that they are going to abandon their thoughtful adult hatred, only to enhance it.
It is amazing that you compare individual against a broadcasting company
Jimmy Kimmel 問4個孩子“我們應不應該讓中國人活下去”,這是那個6歲孩子說「殺光中國人」之後的問題。Jimmy Kimmel 跟進的問題是最糟糕的,比「殺光中國人」的答案更壞。 Jimmy Kimmel asked the 4 kids "Should we let the Chinese to live"? That was the follow up question after the 6 years old kid said "KILL EVERYONE IN CHINA". Jimmy Kimmel's follow up question was much worst than the "Kill All Chinese" answer. He was looking for a thumb up or thumb down like the old Roman Empire to KILL all the Chinese.
I am not surprised he would use Chinese and anything Chinese as the butt of a joke. This is how much respect Chinese people get in the US and other Western countries.
But I am surprised at how many Chinese people continue to allow themselves, willingly, to be bullied and slaved by white people.
Wake up Chinese people, we can complain about the Communists all day but they are the ones who gave Chinese some self-respect by building up China to what it is today.




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