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China news round-up: Macau casino revenue hits record, Global Times editorial slams CNN

PUBLISHED : Monday, 04 November, 2013, 8:02am
UPDATED : Monday, 04 November, 2013, 11:36am

The Guardian
Editorial: The rest of the world will have to wait a long time before the CPC willingly abandons its monopoly on power. But nothing stops experiments in intra-party democracy.
Financial Times
Commentary: The challenge now Xi Jinping at the Third Plenum "is to make up for that lost time" in tackling unbalanced growth.
Blocked on Weibo
Searches for "Uygurs stab people" are blocked on the micro-blogging platform.
Wall Street Journal - China Real Time Report
Locals said that after the June uprising, the government embarked on an effort to install surveillance equipment at major mosques across Lukqun.

Asahi Shimbun
Public executions are still a part of village life.
China Business Journal*
Chongqing's municipal government returns some funds confiscated in Bo Xilai's "strike black" campaign, but requires confidentiality agreements.
"The only way to attract the interest of foreign rock fans was to shout that they were rocking out about life under a repressive regime," writes Jonathan Campbell.
Global Times
State-backed reincarnations and fake buddhas have large followings on Sina Weibo.

Foreign Policy
J.P.Morgan Chase said countries other than the US are looking into the firm's hiring of people close to government officials in Asia, which could mean China is investigating the firm's practices.
The Atlantic
"Nowhere on earth has the scale of [the opportunities of the scrap industry] been appreciated, and seized, more readily than in southern China," writes Adam Minter in his upcoming book.
Macau casino revenue jumped 32 per cent to a record of HK$35.4 billion in October, beating an earlier record in March.
China will replace Canada as Starbucks’ second largest market by store count and sales in 2014.

Foreign affairs
Taipei Times
European nations are selling dual-use military technology to China.
North Korean doctors are being dispatched to the Yanbian border prefecture in China to bring in much-needed foreign currency.
Global Times
Editorial: Some Western elites hold double standards on terrorism toward China and Russia.
Indian Express
India has told China to draft a "standard operating procedure" detailing ways and means to end any confrontations along the Line of Actual Control.

* denotes articles in Chinese language.