Chinese animators demand ‘sincere’ apology from Jimmy Kimmel

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 05 November, 2013, 7:06pm
UPDATED : Tuesday, 05 November, 2013, 11:58pm

A Chinese animation demanding yet another apology from Jimmy Kimmel after his “kill everyone in China” comment caused outrage, has gone viral in the country he offended.

The US comedian has since apologised twice in public for the remark made by a six-year-old child on his late-night talk show aired on US television network ABC on October 16.

Video: Animators in China to Jimmy Kimmel: Why you shouldn't 'Kill the Chinese'

But for Liu Gangqiang, one of the eight people who worked on the animation, those apologies were not enough. “His [Kimmel’s] apology is not sincere,” he said.

“It seems like he still doesn’t respect Chinese,” said the 25-year-old project manager of a social media company. “So we decided to make an animation to express our demands for a sincere apology.”

Liu, who was an international politics major and has many friends studying and working in America, said he thought the Chinese community’s response to the incident was not strong. He hoped the animation could open up a rational and equal discussion among Chinese and Americans.

“We even dreamed about screening the animation in Times Square in New York,” said Liu, “then it will be an honour for all Chinese.”

Liu’s company worked with an animation company called Weishi to produce and publish the video.

Weishi produced the three-minute clip titled “Undying Chinese”, the animated counter-attack on Kimmel, which has since gone viral.

It has drawn around 900,000 views after Liu posted it on Sina late last week. State media including CCTV have shared the video widely.

The animation in accented English takes a humorous look at why the US should not try to kill any Chinese by looking back at invasions of China and the country’s importance as the world’s factory.

There has been speculation online that the animation is sponsored by the Chinese government, but this has been denied by the producers.

Weishi was also responsible for another viral video last month, which compared China’s political system with that of America.