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China news round-up: Spanish courts orders Jiang Zemin arrest, Beijing cuts English classes

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 20 November, 2013, 7:59am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 20 November, 2013, 10:05am

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China Policy Institute Blog
"A neo-authoritarian model of Internet governance has emerged as a real threat to the utopia of an open, globally connected Internet that Internet pioneers have dreamed of," writes communications scholar Min Jiang.
Financial Times
President Xi Jinping's administration wants to make state-owned companies "more efficient and more profit-focused – in short, more like private companies".
Beijing Youth Daily*
The People's Liberation Army sets up roving corruption inspection teams.
New Express*
Guangdong's provincial government stops accepting petitions related to land disputes.

The Economist
Party conservatives fear two things about loosening population controls: the population may grow beyond the country’s planned capacity to feed itself (1.5 billion people by the year 2033); spur a baby boom that would strain public services.
Yangcheng Evening News*
90 per cent of doctors' salaries are off the books, a Shenzhen lawmaker estimates.
Beijing News*
Beijing schools cut two years of English teaching
Lost Laiwai
"Often, if there is a wine that I must have in an auction, I will raise my hand and keep it up — even while other people are bidding — until the auctioneer tells me the wine is mine,” explained Shenzhen’s billionaire sex-toy manufacturer Peter Tseng.

Wall Street Journal
China will gradually widen the yuan's daily trading band and "basically" phase out routine intervention in the foreign-exchange market, says Zhou Xiaochuan.
Foreign direct investment to China continues ninth consecutive monthly rise, especially from Europe. EU countries invested US$6.40 billion in the first ten months, up 22. 3 per cent on a yearly basis.
The Independent
BBC leads rush to sign partnerships with Chinese state broadcaster CCTV.
"The rising share of unstable financing for the country's asset bubble threatens a chaotic ending," writes columnist Andy Xie.

Foreign affairs
Wall Street Journal - Japan Real Time
Seoul, Beijing find new common ground against Tokyo in the legacy of assassin Ahn Jung Geun.
East Asia Forum
On the US "pivot to Asia": "The military soundtrack has the volume turned up too loud, while the volume on the economic soundtrack is too low. It sends mixed strategic signals to Beijing and, more importantly, diverts resources from the national renewal that both the United States and China need."
El Confidencial
A Spanish court issues arrest warrants for former President Jiang Zemin, former Premier Li Peng and two other high-ranking Chinese officials.
China Post (Taiwan)
Taiwan will discipline diplomatic personnel stationed in The Gambia after the West African state caught the island by surprise when it abruptly severed diplomatic ties.

* denotes articles in Chinese language.