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China news round-up: Bitcoin stocks and dividends, Cyberattacks linked to single source

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 21 November, 2013, 8:22am
UPDATED : Thursday, 21 November, 2013, 12:19pm

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New York Times
Xi Jinping has made a point of demonstrating to the media and China watchers that he is at the forefront of a small group of leaders who are committed to pushing through sweeping economic reforms.
Radio Free Asia
One-stop government-run processing centers for passport applications have not been opened in areas with a Uygur-majority population.
Global Times*
Editorial: The influence of "interest groups" should not be exaggerated.
The Nanfang
Guangdong's Deputy Communist Party Secretary Zhu Mingguo, who was central to defusing the Wukan protests, is set to step down.

The Guardian
China's antidepressant market booming but health service is struggling to cope with numbers needing treatment.
China Labour Bulletin
The director of the Panyu Centre, Zeng Feiyang, said the success of a workers' strike in Guangdong could help popularize the Code of Collective Bargaining developed by the centre.
Another deadly stabbing has forced soul-searching over China's overcrowded hospitals and their underpaid doctors.
Radio Free Asia
Water supply dries up and rice turns black near a Yunnan mine.

Financial Times
The head of China’s biggest bank ICBC has warned that bad loans will inevitably rise and weaker lenders will be wiped out as the government relaxes its grip on the economy.
The Shenzhen-based company ASICminer issued virtual stocks which investors buy using Bitcoins. Dividends are also paid in Bitcoins.
Wall Street Journal
Chinese smartphone brand Coolpad has quietly surpassed Apple and Huawei in its home market and is now seeking a presence abroad.
Tech in Asia
Umeng, the Chinese app analytics firm used in over 180,000 apps by over 60,000 developers, confirmed that it has been acquired by Alibaba.

Foreign affairs
Editorial: China must reconsider its attitude toward the US-led Trans-Pacific Partnership.
East Asia Forum
The Chinese government will soon be forced to consider debt transparency and potential relief for Pacific island nations.
Wall Street Journal - Digits
FireEye researchers say evidence suggests there is a single group in China – akin to a defense contractor – that built cyberweapons and distributed them to various hacking teams.
Asahi Shimbun
In its rush to sign a fisheries agreement with Taiwan earlier this year, Japan foreshadowed the way its future security council could overrule other government agencies.

* denotes articles in Chinese language