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Air Defence Identification Zone

The Air Defense Identification Zone is airspace over land or water in which the ready identification, location, and control of civil aircraft over land or water is required in the interest of national security. China's Defence Ministry announced its ADIZ over a vast area in the East China Sea on November 23, 2013, which covers the area around the Diaoyu islands, controlled by Japan and known as the Senkaku Islands. The establishment of this zone drew strong opposition from Japan, the US and South Korea, becoming a flashpoint in East Asian politics and security. 

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Air Defence Zone

China tells Japan it would ‘consider cancelling air zone in 44 years’

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 28 November, 2013, 5:36pm
UPDATED : Tuesday, 03 December, 2013, 2:46pm


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28 Nov 2013
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China’s defence ministry on Thursday hit back forcefully at Japan’s objections to its newly-established Air Defence Identification Zone (ADIZ) in the East China Sea that covers long-disputed islets claimed by both countries.

“Japan has absolutely no right to make irresponsible comments regarding China setting up the East China Sea ADIZ,” ministry spokesman Yang Yujun told media in a routine press conference, according to China’s Ministry of National Defence website.

“We would like to ask Japan to revoke its own ADIZ first, China will then consider this request in 44 years,” Yang Yujun reportedly said when asked to comment on requests from Japan and the US to revoke the zone. Japan established its ADIZ 44 years ago in 1969.

Tensions between China and Japan, the world’s second and third largest economies, have escalated over the past week after China set up its first ADIZ on Saturday in the East China Sea in an area covering Tokyo-administered islands.

The Chinese ADIZ requires all aircrafts flying inside the zone to inform China of their flight plans and to maintain two-way radio communication.

It has since triggered strong protests from several countries led by Japan and the United States. Both have said their aircrafts would not inform China of their flight plans when flying through the zone, and urged China to withdraw the plan.

Earlier of this week, the US air force sent two B52 bombers into the zone in a show of force. Unnamed sources at Japan’s defence ministry claimed that Japanese military and paramilitary planes had flown thorough the zone without any resistance from Chinese jets, according to the Asahi Shimbun.

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Javed Mir
--without any resistance from Chinese jets--
Although no resistance has been offered by the Chinese jets something serious seems to have started.
Hilarious! Where did they pull this number from? H-E-L-L-OOO! Anybody in charge up there?
Just want to add one more point, after the handing over of administration of Diaoyutai to Japan by the Americans, the movement of Guarding the Souvrienty of Diaoyutai among the Chinese both on the mainland and in Taiwan started, and it continues ever since up to now. The present president of Taiwan Ma Ying Jeu was one of the movement activist, he was very active then, so much so that he has written a book about the return of Diaoyutai to China (it meant China in a broader sense, PRC + ROC). That is why the Chinese in general feel that, on the matter of Diaoyutai, they have been bullied by the Japanese and the Americans for too long. These are facts, you can always check them up from other sources on the internet.
The Japanese unilaterally put up a ADIZ 44 years ago that included Diaoyutai and also up to 130km from China waters and Taiwanese waters. The Japanese knew very well Diaoyutai was a disputed land and the then Japanese Premier Tanaka San brought the matter up with Dengxiaoping during a meeting, but it was agreed to put the matter off for resolution until later dates. Apparently the Japanese was a bit surprised when the American handed the island Diaoyutai to them. The American did that for the purpose of containing China because fighting and containing communist was a strategy high on the list of the Americans then.
Fair enough!
more ****-for-tat childishness...
sudo rm -f cy
Translation: China thinks it can conquer Japan in the next 44 years.
Double Speak about "irresponsibility" from the arrogant loudhailer propaganda machine.
The Americans, Japanese and South Koreans have called China's bluff and all China can do is scream, whine and stamp its feet like a spoiled, petulant child.




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