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China news round-up: British PM David Cameron arrives, Jade Rabbit takes off

PUBLISHED : Monday, 02 December, 2013, 8:06am
UPDATED : Monday, 02 December, 2013, 12:29pm

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Southeast Express*
Pingtan Island in Fujian has applied for free trade zone status.
Central Discipline Inspection Commission*
The head of the Sichuan provincial government procurement centre, Ren Xiangdong, stands accused of graft.
Fei Chang Dao
Yanzhao Evening News article on fines for petitioning at Tiananmen Square has been deleted.
Financial Times
"The [corruption] clampdown has basically killed gifting in mainland China,” says Jon Cox, an analyst at Kepler Cheuvreux. “I assume that this accounted for one-third of the watch market on the mainland.”

Radio Free Asia
Authorities in Beijing have detained dozens of AIDS activists who staged protests outside government buildings in the run-up to World AIDS Day on Sunday.
Survey shows support for week-long public holidays for Spring Festival and National Day.
Sina Weibo*
CCTV anchor Wang Qinglei gets fired after criticising the state broadcaster for airing Charles Xue Manzi's confession.
Profile of Gao Yujie: Gao and the other doctors convinced China to ban plasma-for-cash programs and shut down unlicensed blood collection centers, but the damage was already done to thousands infected with HIV and hepatitis.

“Momentum seems to be quite stable at the moment so policy makers can be quite relaxed,” says Wang Tao, chief China economist at UBS.
Wall Street Journal
China moved closer to ending a 13-month moratorium on initial public offerings, releasing guidelines on fundamental changes to the way companies will raise funds in the country's stock market.
Beijing Xinwei Telecom Technology injected 30.9 billion yuan into Shanghai-listed Beijing Zhongchuang Telecom Test, completing a back-door listing to pursue 4G wireless service business and government contracts.
New York Times - In Transit
China is experiencing a boom in luxury hotels, and not just in major cities like Shanghai and Beijing.

Foreign affairs
Toronto Star
Canada arrests a 53-year-old man on charges of trying to provide secret information to China.
China Post (Taiwan)
Taiwan's Ministry of National Defense says it could not rule out the possibility of China announcing another air defense identification zone over the South China Sea.
Commentary: "To allow the then militarist invaders maintain their stolen land would defy the post-war East Asian order, risk a resurgence of the once rampant Japanese militarism, and breed historical resentment in countries, on which Japan's war of aggression had wreaked havoc."
The Atlantic
"A few days in, the ADIZ expansion appears to have been either a coldly calculated expansionary step, or a wildly miscalculated gamble," writes James Fallows.

* denotes articles in Chinese language.