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China news round-up: New Citizen Movement trial in Jiangxi, Bloomberg offices 'inspected'

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 03 December, 2013, 8:13am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 03 December, 2013, 9:21am

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Radio Free Asia
First New Citizen Movement trial is scheduled for today, 12 witnesses under house arrest.
Beijing Times*
Politburo members will also be investigated by graft inspectors, says the Central Discipline Inspection Commission.
People's Daily*
 Additional publications attached to Communist Party newspapers should be scrapped, says the Propaganda Department.
CNN Money
Chinese authorities conduct unannounced inspections of Bloomberg News bureaus.

Tea Leaf Nation
"Shamate" are the young migrants lost in China’s great urbanization push, a subculture whose numbers are unknown, but surely growing.
New York Times
"But when the distinction between country and ruler is erased, patriotism ends up being hijacked, and easily manipulated by a narrow-minded nationalism," writes Yu Hua.
Wall Street Journal - China Real Time Report
"My sense is that Confucianism could accept same-sex marriage because it’s more about the marriage and less about the sex," says sinologist Sam Crane. "As for Daoists, I think they probably wouldn’t really care."
The Atlantic
Due to a growing gender imbalance, many Hong Kong women have undergone drastic measures - from love coaches to liposuction - to meet a suitable partner.

COSCO Chairman Li Shaode, Vice Chairmand Xu Lirong step down.
Financial Times
Swedish carmaker Saab restarted production under its third owner in three years, with a plan of becoming an electric vehicle specialist initially focused on the Chinese market.
The State Council plans to speed up a shift in the coal tax from one focused on volume to one based on value to curb pollution.
Japanese brands are escaping the type of consumer backlash they faced last year as Toyota's sales surge 41 per cent in November.

Foreign affairs
China Post (Taiwan)
Since 2009, Japanese aviation authorities have demanded that Taiwanese airliners submit their flight plans to Japan when traveling through the overlapping air zone.
Global Times
Editorial: "Chinese people believe that if London interferes in Hong Kong's transition process of implementing universal suffrage, Sino-British ties can be halted again."
The Guardian
"Chinese leaders will be intrigued by the different ways [British Prime Minister David Cameron] speaks on home territory and in Beijing," writes Kerry Brown.
Kyiv Post
Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych is set to visit Russia after his trip to China.

* denotes articles in Chinese language.

Correction: an earlier version stated party paper subscriptions should be scrapped. The guidance only refers to additional publications.