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Photos of Xi Jinping eating at a popular Beijing restaurant go viral

China's president demonstrates a common touch by joining diners at a steamed bun eatery in the capital

PUBLISHED : Saturday, 28 December, 2013, 4:18pm
UPDATED : Saturday, 28 December, 2013, 4:47pm

Fans of China's President Xi Jinping said they were pleasantly surprised after photos of him dining in a popular Beijing steamed bun restaurant went viral.

Pictures, taken and shared by fellow diners, showed a casually-dressed, smiling Xi queuing up at a Qingfeng steamed bun restaurant in the capital. Xi, who appeared to be dining alone, was seen to have placed his own order at the counter, paid for it, and carried his tray before sitting down to enjoy his meal in the room full of people.

Diners, after realising who they were sitting close to, strove for a glimpse of Xi. Many used their phones to record the unusual encounter, which Xi didn't seem to mind.

"Only leaders who care about ordinary guys will do this, and he will win respect and care from his people," wrote one blogger.

"I can't believe my eyes - President Xi lined up, paid his own bill, and fetched his own food," read a message posted on the official Weibo page of the People's Daily.

Others, however, weren't so impressed.

"It's just a show and people should stop reacting like they were slaves" one microblogger wrote .

"Start thanking him when China has fixed the food safety issues," read another comment.

An average meal costs 16 yuan (HK$21) at a Qingfeng steamed bun restaurant, a popular chain store in the Chinese capital, according to restaurant review websties.


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Damn if he don't and damn if he does....so take your pick.personally I think it is nice to have him doing this although I am more incline to believe it's more of a posturing...still it's positive...
Xi should be careful about his diet. Beijing steamed buns are said to be very fattening. Ha, Ha!
Clinton’s McDonald’s visits are famous. The older Bush frequented a Peking Duck House. Obama of his Chicago steak and fries and dated Mrs Obama for a night out in NYC. They are all humans just like Xi.
viral? where? weibo, wechat, qq, baidu??? BWAHAHAHA
"How many other nations' head of state are comfortable enough to do that?"

Exactly. I don't see President Obama or any other US President do this aside from staged events where regular people are kept at a distance for PR purposes. The secret service make this literally impossible. I hope President Xi Jinping keeps this up alongside the planned reforms.

Although President XI Jinping's public eating is PR too, it's far more organic since he's mingling with regular people.
The president is comfortable enough with the people to dine alone in the public. How many other nations' head of state are comfortable enough to do that?

He gets it...SCMP will never get it...
I can not believe my eyes - President Xi lined up, paid his own account, and brought their own food. Never would a **** Swedish Prime Minister stand in queue .....
I understand from NOW television news last night that he was not alone, he had a couple of people with him, possibly his aids, so seems like the SCMP got it wrong when they said he was all alone. In fact, NOW also shown video footage of his wife not using the VIP passageway when she attends a concert in memory of her late mentor.
Although those may be PR acts, however, they certainly are good, for not many heads of states and their spouses will do that.


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