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China denounces ‘despicable’ arson attack at San Francisco consulate

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 02 January, 2014, 5:26pm
UPDATED : Friday, 03 January, 2014, 9:30am

San Francisco police are working with the FBI to investigate a "despicable" arson attack on the Chinese consulate on New Year's Day.

The attack happened in the evening when a man jumped out of a minivan that was parked outside the consulate and poured two buckets of petrol on the front doors and lit it.

Watch: Arson attack at the Chinese consulate in San Francisco

A consulate spokesman said the fire caused a lot of damage but there were no injuries.

"The arson attack is a violent crime targeted at the Chinese consular institution in the United States, causing severe damage to the consulate facilities and posing a threat to the safety of the consulate staff and the residents living nearby," the spokesman said in a notice posted on the consulate website.

"We strongly condemn this despicable act and have already made representations with the US side on the attack.

"We urge the US side to take all necessary measures to provide adequate protection for Chinese consular personnel and properties and bring the culprit to justice as soon as possible."

The fire was reported about 9.30pm and was brought under control soon afterwards.

Online users posted pictures on Twitter and weibo showing a man pouring the petrol on the consulate's main entrance.

"I could feel the heat even though I was sitting inside my car. Everyone was trying to call the police," one online user said. "I could also hear ambulances coming towards the consulate general."

It is not the first time the consulate has been attacked.

Flammable liquid was poured on a metal door at the consulate in 2008 amid controversy over China's crackdown against protesters in Tibet.

The crackdown triggered major demonstrations at Chinese embassy buildings around the world.


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usa consulates were attacked in china a few years ago
the chinese government condoned it, there is your karma
Was it "despicable" when the Chinese government actually transported students and unemployed workers to vandalize various Western consulates (NATO members) and embassies throughout China after the Chinese embassy was bombed in Belgrade in 1999? Was it "despicable" that the Chinese government condoned and encouraged vandalism of various Japanese diplomatic missions several times in recent years?
Welcome to a world where not everyone loves you, your money or your fuzzy pandas, CCP...
apology? compensation? sanctions? BWAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAA
If you condone terrorism against the Chinese then you better get out of Hong Kong because there is a thing call karma.
So it turned out to be a mentally ill Chinese citizen "hearing voices."
Once again, all the patriots, apologists, and conspiracy theorists look stupid
As an American, I'm very ashamed that this happened, that any citizens of my country would engage in such a dishonorable, criminal act as this. Such conduct truly is despicable. But I also know that the Chinese delegation know that our community cares about their welfare and will not tolerate further acts like this.
Jack Bauer did it.
Mike Jones


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