Cold front to bring sharp temperature drops across eastern, central China

PUBLISHED : Monday, 06 January, 2014, 5:10pm
UPDATED : Monday, 06 January, 2014, 6:13pm

A strong cold front is expected to sweep through vast areas of central and eastern China early this week, with temperatures expected to drop as low as six degrees Celsius over a wide range of regions in the coming days, the official National Meteorological Centre said on Monday.

Most provinces in southeastern China will be hit by extensive rainfall in the next few days while large regions in provinces of Qinghai, Shaanxi, Jilin and northeastern Heilongjiang will embrace various amount of snowfall, the authority said.

The weather would bring the temperatures six to 10 degrees Celsius down in the most affected areas. But certain areas in northeastern China will face a sudden drop of up to 14 degrees.

The cold front will also bring strong wind to central provinces around the Yangtze River as well as remote provinces including Gansu and Inner Mongolia, the authority said, predicting that the level of wind will be between level four and six – which mean gusts can range from up to 25 km/h and 45 km/h respectively.

Officials in the border Altai regions in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region have issued a blue cold snap alert on Sunday as local meteorological authority forecast the temperature to reach 31 degrees Celsius below freezing later this week.

Also on Monday morning, National Meteorological Centre maintained its yellow heavy smog warning as a number of coastal prefectures including Shandong, Jiangsu and Zhejiang have been shrouded with a fog where visibility range were down to less than 500 metres. The yellow warning is a notch above blue, the “least serious” level.