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I'm good at working with Jews, says Chinese tycoon Chen Guangbiao who wants to buy WSJ

After failed attempt of meeting with shareholders of The Times, an unfazed Chen said he was now considering buying the Wall Street Journal

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 09 January, 2014, 11:51am
UPDATED : Thursday, 09 January, 2014, 6:21pm

Chen Guangbiao, a Chinese recycling tycoon listed among China's top 400 richest people, has stunned many by traveling to New York this week in  pursuit of buying The New York Times.

Yet after a failed attempt at meeting with shareholders of the Times, an unfazed Chen said he was now considering buying The Wall Street Journal.

"I am going to talk to the Wall Street Journal and find out if it's for sale," he said in an interview with Sinovision, a New York-based Chinese television station on Wednesday, reaffirming his plan to "buy an American newspaper."

Chen had said earlier that he was "serious" about purchasing the Times, so he could work on "rebuilding its credibility and influence" by reforming its award-winning coverage of China.

Chen said he was aware that many American papers were Jewish-owned. He said he was up for the job since he had "equally competent IQ and EQ" compared with Jews.

"I am very good at working with Jews," he said.

But Chen admitted in the interview on Wednesday that he might have ruined his chance of purchasing the Times by leaking his plan to the media. Though Chen had made an appointment with an "interested shareholder" of the Times prior to his trip, the person seemed to have flinched away due to intensive media attention.

"I am entirely to blame for this," Chen said, reflecting on his possible misstep.

An Internet celebrity in China, Chen has continued to keep a high profile in the media by pulling stunts such as handing out cash to victims of China’s 2008 earthquake and selling “canned fresh air” to residents of smog-ridden Beijing.


Despite failing to purchase The Times, Chen has managed to stay in the news.

On Thursday, journalists and microbloggers said they were intrigued,  if not astonished, by a photo of what appeared to be Chen's English-language business card, which he has been handing out to the press in New York.

According to the picture which has gone viral on Weibo, Chen has named himself, among all things: "The Most Influential Person of China," "Most Prominent Philanthropist of China," "China Moral Leader," "China Earthquake Rescue Hero," "Most Well-known and Beloved Chinese Role Model."

"Instead of making a fool of himself in US, he should consider purchasing People's Daily," a blogger commented sarcastically.

"Such a narcissist," many wrote.

"But what's wrong with promoting oneself with his hard-earned money," another blogger wrote in Chen's defense.

"We're not sure quite how Chen got all those titles on the right, but it's incredible anyway," a Business Insider blog noted.

Chen is the chairman of Jiangsu Huangpu Recycling Resources and made his fortune by recycling construction materials. 

The news drew reactions on Twitter, including from New York Times staff and top China observers.


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Nice to see he's become a laughing stock in China, too.
omg , this guy is such a lying clown
go buy a paper in taiwan, at least you can READ IT
Hilarious rich man !
If he really finds no way to spend his money, donate to red cross and save the world
The comments on this article really sidesteps the issue.
It is true that there is an enormous amount of Jewish influence in the american media. When a non-jew takes on this, the jews are not going to give up their control of American media easily. This presents an interesting problem. First, the US has allowed China's economy to rise, using dollars as a funding vehicle and no convertible currency. Now China has accumulated all these dollars, and seeks to use these to buy influence through the media. This is a reasonable and sensible thing for them to do. The fact that they act somewhat bluntly and without subtlety is not going to change these economic fundamentals over the long run.
In a pure business world, the Jews will at some point give up control over the media to the Chinese, when the price is right, regardless of the behavior of the buyer. Money talks. The bigger question however is, would a jew allow a non-jew to benefit at the expense of other jews? This is something that is not assured.
Any American consumer of Jewish owned media has to ask oneself whether one has reason to trust a Chinese media owner more than a Jewish owner to act in the best interests of the readers.
Chinese cannot be shamed, but they always "get their feelings hurt."
Omar Locke
this is a disgustingly bigoted comment.
I sincerely hope you're not of African decent making a comment like this!
hair-brained conspiracies like these are the reason American Jewry ended their relationships with people of African decent. You should be ashamed of yourself making a comment like this.
No one group of people can do everything alone and you can't compare anything against the holocaust, that was a horrible event in human history that should never be repeated against anyone.
Go read a book, get a clue, and refrain from writing ignorant posts.
thanks for nothing, pal!
I'm good with Jews too - can I buy a newspaper?
Wow, with the whole Kimmel thing front and center the Chinese step back in with their own racist rants. The irony is awesome. Thanks for proving the point, John (Wang). Racism in favor of China=good. Racism against china=bad. I have to sit down.
What is the deal with the green suit? His wife let him out of the house looking like that?



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