Chinese internet entrepreneur makes and sells condoms 'like mobile phones'

Featuring lubricant imported from the Netherlands, spices from Ecuador and a thickness of 0.03mm, the Elephant Condom has benefited from "Xiaomi style" promotion

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 15 January, 2014, 6:25pm
UPDATED : Wednesday, 15 January, 2014, 10:52pm

Xiaomi may be the newest Chinese company revolutionising the mainland’s mobile phone market, but one ex-Xiaomi employee has chosen a different path and has set his sights on the condom market instead.

The “Elephant Condom” is the new product of Liu Kenan, a former Xiaomi worker who left the mobile phone company and decided to pour his creative and entrepreneurial energies into creating a condom that “would make him feel cool when he used it,” reported Chinese technology website 36kr.com.

According to the report, every Elephant Condom was designed “in the pursuit of the ultimate product" and boasts a delicate blend of lubricant imported from the Netherlands combined with spices from Ecuador.

Funded by angel investors from Taishan, a leading startup investor in China, the Elephant Condoms are assembled in Malaysian factories and packaged at a plant that also makes Apple products. They have a thickness of 0.03mm, which qualifies them as one of the thinner brands on the market.

Only Sagami, a Japanese company, currently produces thinner condoms with a thickness of 0.02mm.

Since becoming available for sale via Chinese websites on January 7, Liu said that the condoms have benefited from “Xiaomi style” advertising - a catchphrase for aggressive promotion on Chinese social media networks like Sina Weibo, which has helped Xiaomi rise from an unproven company to one of the top phone providers in China. 

The Elephant Condom was designed around ease of use and privacy, Liu said. He added that while most condom packages require two hands to open, the Elephant Condom comes in a specially-designed exterior with an accessible tab that can be pulled backwards with only one hand. 

Furthermore, in order to protect the privacy of customers ordering Elephant Condoms in mass bulk, all condoms are delivered via express mail in a carefully insulated five-layer package.

Express mail bills do not show the name of the condom, instead discreetly describing the delivery with a single word - “gift.” 

With plans of creating different condom varieties in the future, Liu intends to continue "Xiaomi style condom promotion" and hopes that news of his product will spread via positive word-of-mouth.

When asked if he personally used Elephant Condoms and felt “cool” doing so, Liu responded that he currently did not have a girlfriend.