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China news round-up: Xi Jinping to visit Europe in March, New Citizen Movement trials continue

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 23 January, 2014, 8:13am
UPDATED : Friday, 24 January, 2014, 5:14pm
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Editorial: The government "must recognize the land rights of rural residents".
Dui Hua Foundation
Police and local authorities have grown accustomed to the quick and flexible manner in which threats to public order and social stability could be neutralized with extended incarceration without formal judicial process.
Global Times
Editorial: "As far as we are concerned, Xu probably advocated his political views by 'gathering crowds', which 'disrupted the public order'."
New York Times - Bites
In one of the more bizarre twists in recent Internet memory, much of the Internet traffic in China was redirected to a mysterious company in Cheyenne, Wyoming.
Beijing News*
The only genetically-modified agricultural product in China is papaya, says Chen Xiwen, the deputy head of the Communist Party's leading working group on agriculture. 
Global Mail
Sun Tiangang had a multi-billion-dollar oil pipeline in China and dozens of companies in the Caribbean. Then his secret system backfired on him.
Financial Times
Last year, more than 50 Chinese hotels asked to have their five-star ratings downgraded.
China Labour Bulletin
The punishment handed down to the two Shenzhen factories over child labour is unlikely to scare off other employers in the future.
The Guardian
China’s scandal-mired oil giants and their senior executives have made extensive use of offshore shell companies in the Caribbean.
China IPR
Due to the rapid increase in IP cases in the Beijing Number 1 Intermediate Court, the Beijing Intermediate Court will split its Intellectual Property Tribunal in two. 
Tech in Asia
Market research firm Gartner predicts 443.5 million mobile phones will be sold in China in 2014, and 90 percent of them will be smartphones.
Boeing delivered 143 planes to China last year, 60 per cent more than a year earlier.
Foreign affairs
The Independent
Japanese premier Shinzo Abe compares tension between Tokyo and Beijing to that in Europe before First World War.
Xi Jinping is set to pay a first visit as president to Europe in March: Netherlands, France, Germany, Brussels.
Wall Street Journal
China's oil imports from Iraq rose roughly 50 per cent last year.
Global Mail
Australia’s best defence against a future, sputtering China, says Geoff Raby, a former Australian ambassador to Beijing, “is to make China as dependent on us as possible”.
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