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Chinese student leads Los Angeles police on high-speed chase

Student claims that he "did not understand" why he had been chased

PUBLISHED : Friday, 21 February, 2014, 10:28pm
UPDATED : Monday, 24 February, 2014, 2:04pm

An 18-year-old Chinese driver and two passengers were pulled from a BMW by armed police after a high-speed chase along California's Pacific Highway Coast, where speeds reached almost 200km/h.

Traffic officers originally flagged the BMW 7 Series at around 8.30pm outside of downtown Los Angeles for allegedly weaving between traffic lanes and speeding, NBC Los Angeles reported.

After the BMW driver ignored police requests to stop, a chase along two Los Angeles freeways began. 

Officers finally managed to stop the BMW by deliberately shunting its back bumper - a technique used to disable escaping vehicles.

The manoeuvre caused the BMW to swerve to the shoulder of the road, where the driver finally stopped and surrendered at about 9.15pm. 

The driver was identified in reports as "an 18-year-old UC Irvine student from China".

He allegedly told NBC reporters after his arrest that his BMW "was a new car and he obtained his driver's license about two months ago".

Allegedly, he also said that he was "afraid of the California Highway Patrol" and "did not understand" why he had been chased. 

The identity of the student, his two passengers and the charges they face have yet to be revealed by UC Irvine or local authorities.

According to NBC's report, the student obeyed the majority of traffic lights during the chase, indicating that the charges he faces will likely be less severe than they would be otherwise.



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Just Google the recent US case of the kid that killed some classmates and got off because of "affluenza"
i am not surprised at all given the way the mainlander drives!!
Most likely a corrupted officials son!!! Did he name his father?
An 18-year old driving a 7 Series Beamer. Another good target for Xi Jinping's anti-corruption squad.
That said, minority fear of constabulary abuse could be a legal excuse for this spoiled brat. Even as we speak, New York City TV station has just reported a case in which two policemen were implicated.
A man was sitting in his parked SUV in a one-way street. A squad car driving in the wrong direction between two lanes of parked vehicles smashed into his car. Cops hauled him out of the car and booked him for careless driving that resulted in the damage of the squad car. Fortunately, everything was recorded by a surveillance camera.
Decades ago while a graduate student in an Upstate New York college town, two of my Chinese friends had similar encounters with the local police.
One friend's car was hit by a police car at an intersection. Instead of admitting to driving through a red light, the cop arrested him for running the traffic light.
Another teetotaler friend was side swiped by a squad car while strolling in broad daylight along a street with no sidewalks. He took a bad spill but was otherwise uninjured. The police took him to the station and administered a breath analyzer test. He was tested positive and fined for jay walking while intoxicated. No passerby witnessing the incident came to his defense.
Western rule of law? These are my two personal anecdotes. As foreign students, our fear of small town police in the USA was both tangible and real.
us cops always abuse their power
A young boy from China causing sort of trouble that occurs in Los Angeles every day being reported in SCMP on the front page ?
Why could that possibly be of any interest to HK people and SCMP readers at all ? And why on the front page ?
This is exactly the Chinese mentality problem. In China if you have money, you are above the law. So, the spoiled off-spring thinks the same. The method how to deal with it is the same as used in China: Get down on them, hard.
This is exactly the Chinese mentality problem. In China you have money, you are above the law. So, the spoiled off-spring thinks the same way.
Young people with lots of money very often are like that, chinese and not chinese
Bo Xilai
According to KTLA, he's eighteen years old and his name is Yuan Zhou... I guess he was driving a Series 7 BMW...
More horsepower than brains... He's lucky he didn't get shot.




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