Kunming railway station attack

Police apologise for evicting innocent Uygur man after Kunming terror attack

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 05 March, 2014, 3:07pm
UPDATED : Monday, 10 March, 2014, 6:14pm

Police in a city in Yunnan province where a deadly terror attack in Kunming left 29 civilians killed over the weekend have publicly apologised for evicting a young Uygur man following the massacre.

The Uygur resident in the city of Dali, identified only by the name Abdul, had drawn an outpouring of sympathy after it was revealed he was ordered by local police to leave the city after his previous landlord refused to extend his lease in the wake of the bloodshed by eight Uygur terrorists.

Abdul had worked and lived for over eight years in Dali,  about 270 kilometres west of the provincial capital of Kunming, where the Saturday attack took place. 

“Dali police would like to apologise to the person involved and to all members of the online community,” read a statement issued on the official blog of the Dali police bureau.

Abdul had resumed his normal life in the city, it added. The blogger who first revealed the police’s misconduct confirmed the authority’s account.

“Abdul would like to thank every friend [for] caring about him,” the blogger posted on Tuesday, along with a photo of Abdul in the city. 

In related news a popular online shopping website in China on Monday banned sales of t-shirts that closely resemble the one worn by one of the attackers in the rampage. 

The advertisement on Taobao, the consumer-to-consumer retail platform of the Alibaba Group, first emerged after police over the weekend displayed on television a black t-shirt bearing designs that they had taken from a terrorist shot dead in the wake of the attack.

The advert on the virtual store explicitly touted for pre-sale of the t-shirts and clearly related it to the terrorist attack. 

“Taobao will never tolerate such commodities. [We] resolutely oppose to any anti-humanity conduct such as this,” the online shopping website said in a statement on Monday.

The virtual store had already been permanently closed and all orders had been scrapped, it added.

The online community has widely applauded Taobao's action. Many voiced support and condemned the vendors for lacking conscience. “You asked for it,” many of them said on the internet.