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Beijing slams rough justice for Chinese woman slapped by Philippine immigration official

Philippine immigration official filmed slapping teacher after she was denied entry at airport

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 07 May, 2014, 11:54am
UPDATED : Thursday, 08 May, 2014, 11:25am

The Chinese embassy in Manila has lashed out at what it called the "rough treatment" of a Chinese woman at the capital's international airport.

In a video recorded on a mobile phone at Ninoy Aquino International Airport's Terminal 3, broadcast on local television, the woman can be seen engaged in a violent clash with an immigration official before being shoved into a nearby room.

The incident could fuel tensions between the two countries, already heightened due to a territorial dispute in the South China Sea and the presence of a large number of undocumented Chinese workers in the Philippines.

Watch: Chinese woman slapped by Philippine immigration agent

The recording shows the official dragging the woman for several metres along the ground before she stands up and repeatedly hits him with her shoe. The official is then seen shoving her hard and slapping her several times. It is unclear from the video how the altercation started.

The Chinese woman was later identified as Jiang Huixing, 38. She had arrived from Beijing on Sunday on a Cebu Pacific flight to resume work as a teacher at a Chinese school, local media said.

Jiang was denied entry to the country for working there illegally, Maria Angelica Pedro, a spokeswoman for the Philippine Bureau of Immigration, told the South China Morning Post.

"Upon inspection by immigration, they got confirmation - actually an admission - … that she is working here in the Philippines without the proper working permit," said Pedro.

Officials were suspicious of "multiple extensions" of the woman's visa since 2012, Pedro said, adding: "She was then informed she would be excluded, meaning she would be sent back to her country of origin.

"She reacted violently [and when] restrained by a female security personnel she bit [her]."

An immigration agent, identified as Rashid Ramirez, then intervened, said the Manila International Airport Authority. Pedro said that the bureau did not condone Ramirez's actions.

An airport authority spokesman said the incident was being investigated. Ramirez has been suspended and is under investigation, Philippine immigration chief Siegfried Mison said.

Ramirez was a contract employee, whose current terms end on June 30, said Mison.

Mison said the agent should have handcuffed the woman instead of slapping her. But he noted that slapping had been used at airports abroad to cope with unruly passengers.

Before returning home on Tuesday, Jiang told China's Global Times newspaper that while she had worked in the Philippines in the past, her latest trip was for tourism.

Two consular officials visited Jiang on Monday evening before her deportation, the Chinese embassy said. The officials lodged a protest with Philippine immigration officials and demanded a swift investigation and "justice for the Chinese citizen", it said.


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happens all the time - abusive traveller, law enforcement officer heavy handed. She gets charged, he gets investigated.
nothing to do with being filippino or chinese
Can't say the official was right, but from the looks of things, it looked like it was the woman who threw the first stone.
She should have been placed under arrest as soon as she swung her purse at the officer. Not being slapped in return. Very unprofessional response from the officer to this woman's non compliance. And the immigration officers were just watching and carrying luggage. They should have intervened. In any other country assaulting a peace officer is a criminal offence.
To be fair and by looking at just the video, her actions would have provoked anyone to slap her........the problem with Chinese people going overseas is that they think they can behave anyway they like and that other countries have to put up with them.
Without knowing all the details, I'm actually proud of the guy in the video who actually put up with her irrational behavior for so long before he finally slapped her back.........The Chinese travelers actually deserve this kind of treatment. Brings them back to their senses when someone slaps them silly.
The caption to the Weibo photo says '',,,, the 'rough treatment' of a Chinese woman identified as Jiang Huixing''. But one can't tell from the photo that she was being treated roughly. In fact the photo shows her about to strike the immigration agent with her handbag. Since the caption came from Weibo, one must take it with a barrel of salt. Well if she had been working illegally in the Philippines and was not found out until now then she deserved not to be allowed it. The story says ''she reacted violently'' when told she would not be allowed in. Typical mainland Chinese behaviour and attitude. They are never wrong. They are ALWAYS right even when they are WRONG. In 2nd last para ''Chinese citizens working illegally in the Southeast Asian nation have in the past been a cause of friction between the two nations'', why should that be a cause of friction??? The mainland Chinese committed an offence by working illegally and it is the right of every nation to ensure that they or any other foreigner do not so so.
But this woman does deserve it...she is out of control!
It takes a thug to subdue a thug. I think Phillipines is the best place for the mainlanders to be because it takes one to know one. A bird of the feather flock together.
Chinese tourist assaults Philippine Immigration official…...
Those slaps seemed to subdue her somewhat... anyhow, what kind of idiot assaults an immigration official? Live by the handbag...
The Immigration official "assaulted" the girl, pure and simple. Instead of restraining the girl he "physically" and "actively" pushed, pulled and slapped her. The immigration office is "vicariously liable" for the actions of their employees or agents.
He certainly was not acting in self defense and was clearly at a physical advantage over her. Looks like a lawless code of conduct.



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