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Fox News host’s racial slur sparks online backlash in China

PUBLISHED : Monday, 14 July, 2014, 5:12pm
UPDATED : Tuesday, 15 July, 2014, 10:56am

State broadcaster CCTV ran footage of US cable televsion channel Fox News on Monday showing a co-host making a racial slur against Chinese people, sparking an outcry on social media across China.

The footage ran on news channel CCTV-13 showing an excerpt from last Thursday’s episode of the Fox News programme The Five, where co-host Bob Beckel said: “Chinese are the single biggest threat to the national security of the US … we bring them over here and teach a bunch of Chinamen – er, Chinese people – how to do computers and then they go back to China and hack into us.”

Watch: Bob Beckel Drops A Racial Slur On Fox's 'The Five'

Within hours of CCTV reposting its programme on Weibo, it had been shared some 1,000 times and received more than 1,000 comments.

The story was also picked up by many news media outlets in China, including the Global Times, website 163.com and Wen Wei Po.

The news has also prompted some "Big Vs", or prominent microbloggers who have large number of followers on the popular social media platform Weibo, to comment on the report and repost the news.

Lin Zhibo, an editor of the Communist Party mouthpiece People’s Daily, said Beckel’s comment showed “that racial discrimination still exists among some ‘white men’.”

Deputy editor-in-chief Liang Jiawen of the International Herald Leader urged the public not to take it too seriously.

“The anchor is simply a big mouth,” he commented.

Beckel’s comments also triggered a backlash and calls for his resignation in the US.

“His [Beckel’s] comments have no place in America, and this is at least the second time he has used racial slurs,“ said Senator Ted Lieu of California in a statement over the weekend. “He must resign immediately”.


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Much ado about nothing. First of all the word "Chinaman" is not considered polite, but this is clearly a verbal slip up. Unlike many other racial slurs the word "Chinaman" and China or Chinese are very similar. Beckel's point about China's spying is a real issue. Senator Ted Lieu is a "State Senator" of which California has 40. California Senator's are full time legislators unlike many other states and obviously have too much time on their hands.
Verbal slip up or not, the point here is whether he should apologize or resign.
"Beckel's point about China's spying is a real issue" -
As if NSA's spying around the word, friends or foes is not an issue.
How about Ed Snow's report about US spying....Germany's response to US spying.... If anyone is doing it on a grand scale it's the US on its own people, it's allies and businesses. Hong kong companies as well that pose no security threat whatsoever. That's the real problem globally. What do they do with those they find they don't like?
Chinaman invokes an image of pigtailed , uneducated, and illiterate Chinese who came to America to help build the rails and other projects..
They were mostly laborers from China whose hard work helped build America but was never recognized.
To the ignorant, all Chinese are like the china man seen in movies who are generally lowly cooks and coolies.
China man is s stereo type of Chinese which most Americans have discards along with the name China man.
Well, Fox is stuck in the 19 century in many ways, not just calling Chinese China man.
Hey Fox is racist to all and are the real "rednecks" of the media. Chinese people are in good company with more open minded intellectual groups that Fox Media continue to attack. Anyone with a brain in the US will bash FOX and change the channel. Hard to fire a guy when the network itself is built in fascist filth as a philosophy of journalism. They probably gave him a bonus for his slur.
I never watch fox which does not even have the credibility of National Inquirer.
He should remember NSA is an American agency hacking the whole world,
In his drunken stupor of weed haze, he might think NSA is Chinese.
Weed haze? No he drinks Jack no ice for sure.
Problem with Fox news is they hire some of the most bigoted and ignorant TV anchors like Beckel.
I agree with Ted Lieu that this kind of racial slur does not have a place in today's world and Beckel should apologize and resign.
Beckel isn't an anchor he is a contributor. Other contributors are people like Charles Krauthammer, Jonah Goldberg, Steven Hayes, Maura Leison, Pat Cadell, Doug Schoen, **** Morris, Karl Rove and Ralph Peters. Are these people in your definition lightweights?
Your correction (contributor instead of anchor) is noted.
I did not refer to Beckel as "lightweight", instead I labeled him bigoted and ignorant by using the word "Chinaman".
Lightweight or heavyweight is not the topic of discussion here.
George W is certainly not a lightweight, but he started the Iraq war with the false pretense of WMD. We now know the true story and Americans and innocent Iraqis are still paying the price, and Karl Rove was part of that administration. Karl Rove also have controversies surrounding him by the "Plame affair" but that is irrelevant to the discussion here.
The question I have for you is: have any of the people noted by you ever used the word "Chinaman" in private/public?
That, IMO is the focus here.




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