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Jackie Chan’s son Jaycee arrested in Beijing drug bust with Taiwanese actor Kai Ko

PUBLISHED : Monday, 18 August, 2014, 5:23pm
UPDATED : Tuesday, 19 August, 2014, 6:12pm

Jackie Chan's son, Jaycee Chan, and Taiwanese actor Kai Ko have both been detained by Beijing police for drug-related offences, police revealed last night.

Jaycee Chan, also known as Fang Zuming, was detained by Beijing police together with his friend, 23-year-old Taiwanese movie star Kai Ko Chen-tung, the Beijing News and Beijing Times newspapers reported on Monday.

In a  statement released on its official Weibo account on Monday evening, the Beijing public security bureau said that police officers detained a number suspects for drug use last Thursday in Dongcheng District, including a 32-year-old Hong Kong actor with the surname Chan and a 23-year-old Taiwan actor named Ko. These descriptions seem to match Jaycee Chan and Kai Ko. 

Watch: Jackie Chan's son Jaycee Chan arrested over drug charges

Urine tests on both Chan and Ko have returned positive results for marijuana, and both actors have confessed to using it, the police statement said. Police also recovered more than 100 grams of marijuana from Chan's home, it said. 

The police statement says Chan has been put under criminal detention for the suspected crime of "providing a shelter for others to abuse drugs," which carries a maximum prison term of three years if a suspect is convicted.

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Ko, on the other hand, would receive the much less severe penalty of "administrative detention", which lasts up to 15 days.   

Two other local residents, a 36-year-old assistant and a 33-year-old suspected dealer, were also detained, according to the statement. 

Chan and Ko join a growing list of celebrities – including mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwanese actors – who have been arrested in Beijing’s widening campaign targeting celebrity drug abuse over the last few years. 

Chan,  the son of Jackie Chan, Hong Kong movie star and a current member of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, won a nomination for best supporting actor by the mainland’s Hundred Flowers Awards for his popular role in the 2010 film, Mulan: Rise of a Warrior.

It has been reported that Jackie Chan has invested in land, property and in the film industry in China, as well as promoting mainland charities. Jaycee Chan has played some important roles in mainland-produced films, such as The Ideal City directed by famous writer Hanhan in 2012.

The father and son duo have landed some lucrative advertising contracts in the mainland, too. In August 2008, they represented Yuan Ye tea brand launched by Coca-Cola. 

Ko, 23, the 2011 Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival Best New Performer winner, gained fame for his role in the film You Are the Apple of My Eye and drew wider popularity in China after he performed in 2013’s box office smash Tiny Times, directed by celebrity writer Guo Jingming. Ko’s Sina Weibo account now attracts more than 32 million followers.

Watch: Detained Taiwanese actor Ko Chen-tung confesses on China state TV, admits taking drugs

The People’s Daily online edition said that Ko had once appeared in an anti-drug public service advertisement in 2012 , in which he vowed never to use drugs. Jackie Chan was pointed as an anti-drug ambassador by China’s National Narcotics Control Commission in 2009.

In the past six months, several entertainment artists have been arrested for drug use, including mainland singer Li Daimo, director Zhang Yuan, actor Zhang Mo and screen writer Ning Caishen. In July, Hong Kong actor Roy Cheung was also arrested for using marijuana.

Last Wednesday, forty-two artist management agencies signed an anti-drug agreement with local police in Beijing, claiming that they would refuse to hire artists who used drugs in the future, in a bid by authorities to tackle drug-use within the entertainment industry.

One Beijing-based director said that he was investing in a film which was considering using Kai Ko as the lead actor. “We can no longer hire him, since he’s now been arrested for drug use,” he said.

“However, the anti-drug agreement contains discrimination. It should not become the only rule to deny an actor’s talents and chances,” he added, preferring not named.

The Beijing police could not be reached for comment on Monday.


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this article fails to mention he had over four ounces, obviously not for personal consumption
well done jackie, you have raised a good child, hong kong should continue to take advice from a loser like you
Tough luck kid, in China and in these sensitive times, not even the omnipotent Jackey Chan could save his as_s. In the US, marijuana is considered the least of the substance abuse, a slap on the wrist at worst but in China, don't think they have the wisdom to differentiate.
Aw come'on...101% Pro-China Jacky Chan can surely slide in a few good words and maybe some others to get his son out of this trouble...
Jackie is going up to BJ as we speak with a blank cheque......
Affluenza, it's definitely real. At least they have the means to spend on drugs and not get roped into the triads for life.
Money can buy substances to reduce stress caused by the success that money brings.
What a world we live in!
Allahu Akbar!
Celebrity Drug Use?
.... by Hong Kong residents?
Is the right to use drugs , one of the Democrats' "Hong Kong core values" which we must fight to protect?
He'd be more than welcome in my home state of Washington where it is now legal. The destruction from the war on drugs is far worse than any damage the drugs themselves have ever caused. Marijuana has been shown to have health benefits and been legalized in several states for medical usage. Other drugs that are more harmful ought to be taken out of the hands of criminals by more enlightened laws and methods of controlling access. But then, there goes the billions in illegal profits somebody's making.
Not to worry, they will be given a slap on the hand.
Jackie Chan's son Jaycee Chan is an adult male; he should be responsible for his own behavior. Jackie should not involve too much in his son a criminal case. Well, his 33 years old he got to grow up. If Jackie Chan's son make him look older. He looks very old in these few years. You can see pictures of Jackie present, and compare with earlier one and many other entertainment celebrity in “How to conquer the appearance of aging. Is it possible to rejuvenate youthful-looks? It is feasible, but----! "
What is Mr. Ke Zhendong actual age? He was too feminine. In my opinion, he was only 16 years old and he already has drug problems. How will he grow up? People of Taiwan and Hong Kong's entertainment circle should do more social benefits and make a good example to the community, not to pick up bad habits.
People want to look good and young, especially in the entertainment business. Then, there should have a good healthy lifestyle when they are young, not try to ruin their own life.
Jennie PC Chiang江佩珍 08/18/14 美國
I just posted an article in my Facebook and Jennie PC Chiang’s Blog: “How to conquer the appearance of aging. Is it possible to rejuvenate youthful-looks? It is feasible, but----!”
However, a good healthy lifestyle is your guarantee of eternal youthful looks.



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