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  • Aug 20, 2014
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In a way, time stopped at about 4.30pm on August 3 for Cao Zhengxian. Just before that, the Zhaotong fault deep below Ludian county in the Wumeng mountains in Yunnan province slipped, unleashing a...

20 Aug 2014 - 5:05am

A former deputy chief of the government agency in Taiwan that handles relations with the mainland is under investigation for alleged breaches of national security.

20 Aug 2014 - 4:59am

Chinese naval and air forces will hold their first joint air combat drill, putting their personnel through realistic confrontations rather than scripted scenarios to improve battle readiness.

20 Aug 2014 - 9:12am

Authorities have arrested nearly 1,000 members of a Christian sect since June after its members were accused of murdering a woman at a McDonald's restaurant the previous month.

20 Aug 2014 - 9:13am

Two people have died in a Tibetan region of southwestern China after they were injured by police gunfire while protesting the detention of a local leader, overseas Tibetan rights groups said.

20 Aug 2014 - 3:53am

In light of President Xi Jinping’s anti-corruption campaign, which has unveiled officials with all kinds of investments and holdings, China is unlikely to ease its restrictions on overseas...

19 Aug 2014 - 2:09pm

A Chinese aircraft was forced to delay its landing after two air traffic controllers nodded off, reports said on Tuesday, sparking a wave of online anger about airline safety.

20 Aug 2014 - 9:22am


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President Xi Jinping called for the country to build a homegrown new media industry yesterday as he chaired the powerful central leading group for deepening reform.

19 Aug 2014 - 7:31am

Mercedes-Benz has been found guilty of fixing prices for car parts and after-sales services, according to antitrust authorities in Jiangsu.

19 Aug 2014 - 5:53pm

China will sign a series of energy and infrastructure deals with Mongolia as part of President Xi Jinping's two-day state visit to the neighbouring country this week, according to the Foreign...

19 Aug 2014 - 5:13am

A group of Japanese lawmakers said yesterday that Vice-President Li Yuanchao had agreed that the two countries both need to make efforts to mend relations badly damaged over territorial and...

19 Aug 2014 - 3:19am

It has been three weeks since the formal announcement of an investigation into retired security tsar Zhou Yongkang but party leaders in some provinces have been puzzlingly slow to publicly declare...

19 Aug 2014 - 6:30pm

Their marriages were arranged for cash, but some of the Vietnamese women who have found unlikely Prince Charmings in remote villages on the mainland say they are living happily ever after.

19 Aug 2014 - 5:37pm

A former senior official from Taiwan's top cross-strait affairs agency denied yesterday that he was under investigation despite an official announcement that the authorities were looking into "...

19 Aug 2014 - 3:19am

Hongkongers who participated in the anti-Occupy Central march on Sunday were pushed by pro-democracy forces to take to the streets, a mainland newspaper said.

18 Aug 2014 - 4:40pm

Tong Mingqian, a former senior political adviser in Hunan, was sentenced to five years in prison for official negligence by a Beijing court on Monday morning.

18 Aug 2014 - 4:53pm

A marriage registry office in Xian, Shaanxi Province, has been accused of intruding on basic rights after saying it will grant just 15 divorces a day.

18 Aug 2014 - 7:09pm

Police have detained seven suspects for allegedly forcing 10 people, including seven teenagers, into “selling” their own blood in a county in northwestern China, police said on Sunday.

18 Aug 2014 - 9:39pm

Dengue fever is spreading in Guangzhou, as the number of cases has surged rapidly over the past month, local health authorities say.

18 Aug 2014 - 4:29pm

Safety certificates for the only homegrown experimental genetically modified staple food crops to have the credentials expired, with no sign that the Ministry of Agriculture will renew the...

18 Aug 2014 - 6:13pm

Disgraced former Guangzhou deputy mayor was part of a web of corruption on urban renewal involving senior government officials, village chiefs and property developers.

18 Aug 2014 - 10:37am

Yunnan was struck by another earthquake, more than 100km from the epicentre of the magnitude 6.5 earthquake two weeks ago, leaving more than a dozen people injured.

18 Aug 2014 - 10:40am

Cancer patients in Shanghai will soon have access to the world's most advanced radiotherapy equipment, offering recipients shorter and pain-free treatment. 

18 Aug 2014 - 10:41am

A University of Macau academic suspended for "imposing his political beliefs" on students will not have his contract renewed and will leave his post at the end of the month.

18 Aug 2014 - 1:17pm

Photographs of Mao Zedong's arch-enemy Chiang Kai-shek adorn the walls of a Beijing restaurant and his face looks up at diners from the menu.

18 Aug 2014 - 5:36am

A reservoir in Chongqing has been contaminated by a sulphur processing plant, threatening the safety of water supplies to more than 50,000 villagers in nearby areas, state media reported.

18 Aug 2014 - 5:36am

A knife-wielding man in a northeastern Chinese city near the North Korean border went on a slashing spree on Sunday, killing two people and injuring 14 others, a state broadcaster said.

18 Aug 2014 - 7:51pm


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