• Thu
  • Oct 2, 2014
  • Updated: 1:37pm

At least three Chinese tourists were killed and several others badly injured when their bus collided with a van near Johannesburg on Wednesday afternoon, the Chinese Embassy in South Africa said...

2 Oct 2014 - 11:01am

A visit by China’s top diplomat intended to show growing US-China cooperation has instead highlighted political differences between the two world powers as Washington spoke out about democracy...

2 Oct 2014 - 8:48am

As Hong Kong’s Occupy Central protests continue to gather momentum and draw attention, denizens in the city are sharing photos of events on social media.

2 Oct 2014 - 11:29am

Tight security was imposed in Tiananmen Square yesterday with even pigeons taking part in a National Day flag-raising ceremony undergoing two rounds of checks, including the avian equivalent of a...

2 Oct 2014 - 3:29am

In return for waiving their rights to the land they have lived on for generations, farmers in Ningguo in Anhui province are being offered up to 900,000 yuan (HK$1.14 million) per hectare and the...

2 Oct 2014 - 3:29am

Freshwater ecosystems in the United States are in peril from a growing population of Asian carp that is threatening other species and polluting waterways, while in China their numbers are...

2 Oct 2014 - 3:29am

The only way dengue fever is spread is by mosquito bites, so people should take steps to avoid being bitten, thus keeping the epidemic from spreading during the National Day week-long travel...

2 Oct 2014 - 6:04am


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China’s first high-security biosafety laboratory will be ready for use by December, in a move hailed as a “crucial” moment in the fight against pathogens such as the Ebola virus, officials said...

1 Oct 2014 - 7:43pm

President Xi Jinping called for solidarity in party ranks yesterday as he delivered a speech at a National Day gathering attended by almost all retired and current leaders.

1 Oct 2014 - 6:20pm

Five senior officials have been appointed by the central government to fill posts in Shanxi after nearly half the resource-rich province's leadership were detained for alleged corruption.

1 Oct 2014 - 3:12am

The fate of two major generals linked to a high-ranking PLA officer under investigation for corruption are in doubt amid a reshuffle of personnel that suggests disloyal officers are being purged,...

1 Oct 2014 - 4:13am

Apple's iPhone 6 and the slightly bigger iPhone 6 Plus have finally received approval to be sold on the mainland and will be available from October 17, the US-based technology giant said yesterday...

1 Oct 2014 - 9:37am

President Xi Jinping and state leaders attended a high-profile ceremony yesterday at Tiananmen Square in Beijing to mark the first Martyrs' Day, in an apparent attempt to promote patriotism.

1 Oct 2014 - 4:42am

When President Xi Jinping officiates at today's celebration of the 65th anniversary of the founding of the people's republic, two other approaching events will no doubt loom in his mind.

1 Oct 2014 - 4:44am

The Communist Party yesterday said its fourth plenum will be held from October 20-23 and would focus on improving the administration of law.

1 Oct 2014 - 3:08am

Photos taken by China's most sophisticated civilian observation satellite can identify a white line on a road, say space authorities - a measure of how far the programme has come although it still...

1 Oct 2014 - 4:07am

Former president Jiang Zemin made a rare public appearance as retired top Communist Party leaders joined President Xi Jinping and other current dignitaries at a concert that marked the 65th...

30 Sep 2014 - 6:31pm

The first high-speed railway in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region will open in mid-October and cut journeys to nearby provinces from 12 hours to about eight hours, Xinhua reported.

30 Sep 2014 - 6:29pm

New provincial collective bargaining rules passed last week in Guangdong have drawn fire from both unionists and industrialists in Hong Kong.

30 Sep 2014 - 6:43pm

Two teenagers have been sentenced to death and a third man was given life imprisonment for their roles in the brutal assassination of a high-profile pro-Beijing imam in Kashgar.

30 Sep 2014 - 6:45pm

A former top executive of embattled 21st Century Media Group admitted to state media while in police custody that he was involved in the alleged news extortion schemes of the group's publications...

30 Sep 2014 - 4:01pm

Abandoning the principle of “class struggle” has been central to China’s achievements over the past 35 years, a flagship newspaper of the Communist Party’s Central Party School said on Monday, in...

29 Sep 2014 - 3:57pm

The Guangzhou government is soliciting public feedback on a draft anti-corruption regulation that would ban so-called “naked officials” – whose families have resettled overseas – from key...

29 Sep 2014 - 5:01pm

The mainland’s armed police force is ready to help if Hong Kong police cannot control protesters, according to a signed commentary in the Global Times.

29 Sep 2014 - 3:25pm

Beijing has launched a massive operation involving more than a million people to beef up security for the week-long national holiday beginning on Wednesday, according to media reports.

30 Sep 2014 - 6:46pm

Chinese state media went after Occupy Central with both barrels after a night of chaos that saw police in riot gear fire tear gas at pro-democracy protesters.

29 Sep 2014 - 1:25pm

The sale of hairy crabs, one of the most popular Mid-Autumn Festival gifts, has fallen under the government’s anti-corruption clampdown.

29 Sep 2014 - 12:26pm


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