PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 14 August, 2012, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 14 August, 2012, 7:50pm


Increase in grass-roots delegates for congress

A total of 2,270 delegates have been elected to attend the upcoming 18th party congress, according to a statement released by Xinhua yesterday, an increase of 50 delegates compared to five years ago. The delegates, who were elected from around the country between April and July, will need to pass a qualification check to get final approval. In an effort to better represent its members, the ruling communist party promised to include more delegates from grass-roots organisations, such as migrant workers. The minimum proportion of grass-roots delegates should be 32 per cent, two percentage points higher than that of the previous congress in 2007. Staff Reporter

Kim's uncle in Beijing to discuss economic projects

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un's uncle, the man seen as the power behind the young chief, went to Beijing yesterday to discuss joint commercial projects, the North's official news agency said. The visit by Jang Song-thaek comes after Kim told China his priority was to develop the impoverished country's decaying economy. The KCNA news agency said the meeting was to discuss projects in Rason on the North's east coast, and in Hwanggumpyong, an area on the border between the two countries that was yet to be developed. Reuters

Almost 87 billion yuan misused, says auditor

The mainland's top audit office found that 673 government agencies and social institutions misused 86.68 billion yuan (HK$106.1 billion) in public funds last year. The National Audit Office wrote on its website yesterday that 71.82 billion yuan of the money was spent in violation of regulations, while the rest was attributed to excessive spending. Cary Huang