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PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 15 August, 2012, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 15 August, 2012, 4:52am


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Boy's suicide to avoid lessons

A 16-year-old boy killed himself by consuming a poisonous substance because he did not want to take summer "cram lessons", the Xinan Evening News reports. The incident happened at the boy's home in Huaining county, Anqing , on Friday, the Xinan Evening News reports. More and more parents are forcing their children to take such extracurricular classes. However, an education official said on Sunday that schools were prohibited from organising such lessons.

Grannies, not kidnappers

A young boy's two grandmothers were mistaken for kidnappers in Hefei after they made him cry and he ran to a passer-by, who notified police, the Hefei Evening News reports. The boy ran off when the women threatened to hit him if he continued to misbehave.


Driver falls from viaduct

A driver fell to his death from a 10-metre-high viaduct after he lost control of his truck and it smashed through a crash barrier in Shenzhen. The truck teetered off the edge, and the driver fell through the door, the Shenzhen Economic Daily reports. The accident happened on the Chunfeng Flyover in Luohu district when the driver swerved to avoid the truck in front of him. Police said he was not wearing a seat belt.

New hospital looking good

Only about 30 people out of the 4,000 treated at the University of Hong Kong-Shenzhen Hospital since it began trial operations on July 1 have filed complaints about medical services or hospital management, the Daily Sunshine reports. The hospital, the first on the mainland to feature co-operation between HKU and mainland medical experts, hopes to bring the management method of Hong Kong. Opening is set for October.


Pollution kills mangroves

About 40 hectares of mangroves in the Dongzhaigang National Nature Reserve were found dead this week as a result of water pollution and infestation, and a further 200 hectares along the island's coast are at serious risk, reports. The pollution is suspected from farms raising pigs and ducks, which have also been eating crabs, a predator of insects that burrow into the mangrove roots, killing the trees.

120 get hotel food poisoning

Six foreigners and 114 domestic guests were sent to hospital with food poisoning symptoms on Sunday after eating a buffet breakfast at a luxury hotel in Sanya , Xinhua reports. Ninety-two people were still being treated as of Monday night. A batch of fried rice with eggs was blamed. The hotel was expected to pay compensation.


Cement truck kills woman

A 47-year-old woman was run over and killed by a cement truck in Zhengzhou . It was the second accident involving a cement truck in the city since police said they would step up measures to prevent such accidents after eight people were killed and 12 were injured when a cement truck hit a smaller truck on July 27, the Henan Business Daily reports. Police were still investigating Monday's accident, and the driver was detained.

Love-struck brothers scolded

Two young love-struck brothers were caught and severely scolded by police on Monday for knocking on the window of a 14-year-old girl every night in Fengqiu county, Xinxiang , reports. The boys, whose ages were not given, had both failed in their pursuit of the girl.


Pedestrian causes pile-up

A 29-year-old woman caused a five-car pile-up and died when she jumped over a metal fence down the middle of Wuyi Avenue in Changsha on Sunday, the Sanxiang City Express reports. A car hit the woman and crashed through the fence into oncoming traffic shortly after midnight, starting the pile-up, which injured five people. The first driver then fled the scene, but turned himself in to police after 22 hours.

Couple both want sex-change

A husband and wife want to undergo joint sex-change operations and stay together in Jiangyong county, Yongzhou , the Xiaoxiang Morning Herald reports. The husband said he enjoyed the feeling of being taken care of by his wife, and the woman said the relationship with her mother-in-law would improve by becoming a man.


Big salt spill in Suzhou canal

About 660 tonnes of industrial salt spilled into a canal in Suzhou when a cargo ship sank after becoming pinned between two other ships at its front and rear, the Modern Express reports. The two men aboard the sinking vessel jumped onto the ship at the rear. It occurred in the Changqiao area of the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal. In response to fears about the negative effects of the salt, experts said it would not do any harm.

Jobs for needy graduates

Changzhou human resources authorities will create 316 civil service positions this year, in an effort to make more jobs available for university graduates who are unemployed or from low-income families, the Changzhou Daily reports. Eligible candidates will be tested, and those selected will be given jobs for at least three years.


Disabled man scales 5 peaks

A 29-year-old man, who lost both of his legs in an accident at age 13, has climbed to the top of Hua Mountain in Weinan , Xinhua reports. Chen Zhou, from Linyi , Shandong , reached the north peak, 1,614 metres above sea level, on Sunday after 10 hours. He has now climbed all of the Five Great Mountains - the most famous mountains in China. Hua is considered the most precipitous.

Fatal pile-up on wet road

One person died and 12 were injured in a nine-car pile-up along a road in Yanan , reports. The accident occurred on the Baomao Expressway when a truck driver suddenly slowed down, as the road was wet, causing several other vehicles to swerve and crash.


Floods and mudslides in Yaan

Flooding and mudslides have destroyed four small hydropower stations and buried at least 10 homes in Yaan city this week, Xinhua reports. The homes were buried early yesterday in Shimian county. One person was rescued, but an unknown number of others were unaccounted for. In another county, Xingjing, at least one person was killed and three reported missing. A road bridge there was damaged.

Boy poisoned uncle's water

A 13-year-old boy was found to have poisoned his uncle's water tank to get back at the uncle for spreading rumours about him, the West China City Daily reports. The uncle, in Zhongjiang county, Deyang , uncovered the plot at the weekend after seeing that his water was discoloured. The nephew admitted to poisoning the water because his uncle had claimed to friends that the boy was a thief. No one drank the water. Police lectured the boy.


College lacks entry standards

The arm of a Jiangsu-based college in Hangzhou has been found to have no admission standards, as it plans on accepting 200 applicants this year who are willing to pay the tuition of 8,500 yuan (HK$10,400) a year, reports. The institute, said to be officially accredited by the state, does not require applicants to first take the national college-entrance examination or follow other application procedures.

Rental bikes to 'green' city

Wenzhou residents will be able to rent bicycles from more than 180 booths across Lucheng district by the end of October, reports. About 5,000 bicycles with the city's logo will be available, and residents or visitors may rent them with a 300-yuan deposit on a card. The plan, at a cost of about 22 million yuan, aims to help "green" the city and reduce congestion.