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PUBLISHED : Thursday, 16 August, 2012, 12:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 16 August, 2012, 4:23am



Male sheep produces milk

A male sheep was found to be producing milk in Doudian village, Fangshan district this week, the Beijing Times reports. Its owner noticed the milk, and the abnormality was confirmed by a biology professor, who said it could have been due to irregular hormone distribution in the animal.

15 years for bottle killing

A 32-year-old man was sentenced this week to 15 years in prison and fined 740,000 yuan (HK$906,000) for killing a man believed to be having an affair with the killer's wife, the Beijing Times reports. The killer said his wife would often mention the man during arguments, leading the husband to think she was having an affair with him. The victim was killed by a glass bottle to the head on July 25 of last year in Haidian district.


2 die as pavement collapses

Part of a pavement suddenly collapsed on Tuesday in Harbin , killing two people, reports. Four injured people, including an elderly man and a 14-month-old child, were rescued from the hole, which was about five metres in diameter, and the surrounding area was evacuated. It occurred on Liaoyang Street in Nangang district. Repairs were underway at the scene, and 10 nearby residential blocks were checked for similar problems.

Eagle attacks chick-eater

An angry golden eagle mother held a grudge for months and finally got her revenge on a man who ate her chicks, the Heilongjiang Morning Post reports. The man was working in a wheat field in Muling city on Saturday when the eagle suddenly dived from the sky and began clawing him viciously. Other workers covered the man in straw, but the mother bird tried to get through the straw. Badly wounded, the man hurried into a police car but the bird clawed at the windscreen and then followed the car.


Gambler overdraws 11 cards

A 42-year-old man in Wuhan has turned himself in to police after racking up about 500,000 yuan in debt by overdrawing from 11 credit cards, the Chutian Metropolis Daily reports. The man had a gambling problem that began when the shop he owned lost a lot of money last year. If convicted, he faces up to 10 years in prison and could be ordered to repay all the money.

Nurse stops suicide attempt

A 27-year-old nurse was able to talk a 66-year-old cancer patient out of jumping from a hospital window on Tuesday in Hongshan district, Wuhan , the Wuhan Evening News reports. The man held a knife and threatened to stab anyone who tried to stop him. The nurse said the incident showed the need for counselling for cancer patients.


Tribute to 'model citizen'

A ceremony was held in Fushun yesterday to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the death of Lei Feng, a People's Liberation Army soldier who was said by former chairman Mao Zedong to be a model citizen whom all Chinese should emulate, reports. A scholar said the ceremony could be a sign that the spirit of selflessness that Lei epitomised may be promoted again.

TB man jumps to his death

A 52-year-old man jumped to his death from a window of his fourth-floor apartment in Shenyang on Tuesday because he couldn't bear the pain of tuberculosis, the Liaoshen Evening News reports. He yelled from his apartment balcony on Monday that he would kill himself by igniting gas in his home, so police arrived and turned it off. He jumped the next day.


Incentive for entrepreneurs

University graduates in Weinan who start their own businesses will be granted up to 100,000 yuan in interest-free loans, the city's human resources officials said. Free entrepreneurship training will also be offered, and exemptions from registration fees and other dues will be offered for eligible graduates.

11-city food safety campaign

Provincial officials have launched a three-month food safety campaign in which officials and media outlets will travel to 11 cities and report on various food-related issues, such as the safety measures being taken in schools, as well as publicising discoveries of substandard food production, reports.


Wastewater threat to rivers

Provincial authorities told Shandong's People Congress this week that 760,000 tonnes of polluted wastewater are discharged daily into waterways across the province that are used as tributaries for the major South-North Water Transfer Project, which is intended to alleviate thirst in northern China, the Life Daily reports. Much of the wastewater comes from farms and petrochemical plants, despite dozens of new sewage-treatment facilities across the province.

Boom in cricket trading

The trading of crickets has become serious business at a market in Linqing, Liaocheng city, where people from across the country gather to bid on the insects, which are often taken back to the buyers' hometowns and resold, Shandong Radio reports. Some strong or colourful crickets can fetch more than 10,000 yuan. They are often kept as pets or used in cricket fights.


Police in snake round-up

Shanghai police wrangled up more than 100 snakes that were set free by animal activists at a dock in Baoshan district on Sunday night, reports. It was unclear how many snakes had been set free or where they originated from, but the ones caught were taken to a wildlife-protection centre on Monday. Police said some of the snakes were poisonous.

Pair jailed for leaflets attack

Two men were sentenced to jail terms of four and six months on Tuesday for attacking two urban-management officers who stopped them from distributing tourism-related leaflets, the Jiefang Daily reports. The attack took place on June 1 in Huangpu district, and the two men were said to have been previously driven away several times. One officer suffered a broken nose. SICHUAN

Gambling machines set on fire

Nanchong police set fire to 826 gambling machines on Tuesday, the West China City Daily reports. The machines were seized this year when police busted 39 gangs involved in illegal gambling. A total of 576 suspects were detained or arrested in the busts.

Loot from car thefts on show

Chengdu police posted pictures on its microblog this week of 20 purses, backpacks and other bags that were recovered during a recent bust of 11 people accused of breaking in to several cars since February, reports. Police said several victims of the thefts were able to retrieve their bags.


Bird-fans fear lake sewage

Bird-watchers say that waste from two sewage pipelines attached to a quarry is polluting Bainiao Lake near Urumqi , which attracts rare, migrating birds, reports. The fear is that the lake will end up like others in the region that are no longer able to support aquatic life after decades of pollution. A local bird-watchers association organised more than two dozen volunteers this week to determine how many birds remain in the area.

Drivers want to keep taxis

More than 40 taxi drivers gathered on Monday in front of their employer to protest a new company policy that forces them to turn in their cars during the two days off each month that the local government recently required all taxi companies to give their employees, reports. The company said the policy was to ensure that its drivers rest on the two days. Drivers employed by the five other taxi companies in the city are not required to turn in their cars.