Family of Zhao Dengyong, wrongly accused of being suicide bomber, to sue

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 19 August, 2012, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 17 January, 2018, 12:47pm

The family of a man wrongly accused of being a suicide bomber in Yunnan province are preparing to sue the local police chief and other officials who named him as the culprit without sufficient evidence just three days after the explosion.

Surveillance footage showed Zhao Dengyong entering a community office in Qiaojia county at 9am on May 10 - five minutes before the bomb exploded, killing Zhao (pictured) and three others. Sixteen bystanders were injured.

The day after the bombing, the county's police chief, Yang Chaobang , said Zhao carried out the suicide bombing to take revenge on society. Three days later, Yang was so confident that he staked his career as director of the local Public Security Bureau on Zhao's guilt.

That confidence was later shown to be spectacularly misplaced.

On Friday, Zhao Juchao , the dead man's father, hired Beijing-based rights lawyer Lan He to sue the county's public security bureau and Yang for harming his son's reputation, the Beijing News reported. Lan confirmed online that he had been hired by the Zhao family.

Almost three months after the blast, the Public Security Bureau of Zhaotong city, which administers Qiaojia county, announced that Zhao Dengyong had been falsely accused and was actually a victim of the bombing, which was masterminded by two other villagers to vent their anger over the local government's reduced compensation for land that been appropriated for a dam project.

Through DNA samples and fragments of an electrical board found at the scene, police traced the bomb to Song Chaoyu and Deng Deyong , both 43.

The two men, residents of Yibo village in Qiaojia county, had paid the unwitting Zhou, a motorcycle taxi driver, 100 yuan to deliver a backpackthat he did not know contained the bomb, which was detonated by a mobile phone.

Zhaotong police apologised publicly to Zhao's family for the conduct of their Qiaojia subordinate, saying the allegation "was based on an investigation that was neither thorough nor accurate, which misled the public and brought great distress to Zhao Dengyong's family".

Yang has not been punished, nor has he made good his promise to resign if proved wrong.