China Digest

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 21 August, 2012, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 21 August, 2012, 4:05am



Lightning kills woman

One woman, in her 20s, was killed and another injured by lightning on Sunday in eastern Shenzhen, the Shenzhen Special Zone Daily reports. The victims and two others were hiking down a mountain in heavy rain when the accident happened.

Teen raped and robbed

A 17-year-old girl was taken to a hotel by seven young men, raped and robbed of 2,400 yuan (HK$2,900) in Dongguan on Friday, the Yangcheng Evening News reports. It is believed the girl left her home after an argument with her parents and had agreed to go to a hotel with the men to avoid being found. The police caught the suspects 12 hours later.


Man gunned down

Police in Nanning are looking for the killers of an unidentified man who was gunned down beneath a bridge in Qingxiu district early on Sunday, reports. A local resident told reporters he heard a gun shot at about 3.30am, but thought it was a tyre blowout until he saw police arrive minutes later, by which time the man was dead.

Kai-tak wreaks havoc

Two people have been killed and two others are missing in the autonomous region after Typhoon Kai-tak battered southern China last week. The storm had damaged more than 2,900 farm houses by Sunday afternoon, Xinhua reports. More than 2.45 million residents in eight cities and 34 counties were affected.


Teenager dies in storm

An 18-year-old boy was electrocuted during a thunderstorm in Dancheng county, Zhoukou on Saturday, the Henan Business Daily reports. The victim was standing in a pond at the time, and warned passers-by not to enter the water before he died.

All's well that ends well

A man who had been drinking stumbled into an elevator well and fell asleep after he prised open the door of the lift in Zhengzhou on Saturday, the Zhengzhou Evening News reports. The man came to and called his wife, before being rescued by the police. Officers said the man tried to open the lift door after it had closed. By the time he opened it, the lift car had moved up the shaft, causing the man to fall into the empty well.


Monkeys return

A group of wild monkeys was seen in Longzha Village, Zhuzhou from August 15 to 17 after a 20-year absence, the Hunan Daily reports. A witness told journalists that the return of the primates indicated that Longzha now provided a healthy habitat for the wild animals as a result of its efforts in environmental protection.

Bus birth for baby

A bus driver and passengers helped ensure the safe birth of a baby aboard a bus in Zhuzhou on Sunday, reports. The driver took the bus off the highway and stopped at a plaza as the woman went into labour. The infant was soon born and the mother and child were then taken to hospital.


Fit as a fiddle at 90

A 91-year-old woman was seen doing the splits in Shenyang on Sunday, the Chinese Business Morning View reports. The woman said she has worked out every day for the past 40 years. She can still do 50 push-ups and walk 10 kilometres.

Girls crash car

A teenage girl is in a coma and her two companions were seriously injured when their car rammed traffic lights in Shenyang on Sunday, the Liaoshen Evening News reports. The girls said they were driving a friend's car at the time of the accident. Police said young people should be more careful when driving, due to their inexperience.


Payback time

The wife of a leading education official in Yanchang county has been ordered to repay more than 85,000 yuan she collected in salary as a teacher for more than two years for work she never performed, Huashang Daily reports. Liu Yulian, the wife of the local education director Wang Junmin, was on the payroll despite never working while on loan to a county vocational school from July 2009 until August last year.

A glove in my soup

A Wal-Mart outlet in Xian agreed to pay a local customer 10 times the price of a sachet of hotpot soup base after he found a piece of rubber glove in it, City Express reports. The customer said he bought three sachets on Saturday for 3.8 yuan each. Wal-Mart, which also promised to pay for a hospital check-up for the customer, said it would take up the matter with the manufacturer, Shanghai Chuanqi Food Co.


Boy survives 100m fall

A boy, 17, who jumped from the summit of Mount Tai in Qufu was saved by the branches of a tree, the Qilu Evening News reports. The teenager, from Yantai , was visiting the popular mountain on Saturday when he leapt off Jade Emperor Peak after quarrelling with a friend. He was buffered by the tree after falling about 100 metres, breaking several bones.

Truck driver killed

A truck driver was killed and another person injured in a three-vehicle pile-up on the Jinan-Qingdao Highway on Saturday, the Jinan Times reports. A truck hit a car from behind, pushing the car into another truck ahead. The driver of the car survived, but the truck driver who first struck the car was killed.


River regatta

Rowing teams from eight top universities in the United States and Britain participated in a regatta in Xinjin, a riverside town southwest of Chengdu , on Saturday, attracting a crowd of more than 300,000, reports. Washington University won the competition, which included Yale, Cambridge, Oxford and five top universities in China, including Tsinghua.

Rewards for residents

Chengdu residents will be rewarded up to 2,000 yuan for reporting food safety violations starting from September, the Chengdu Daily reports. Officials said instances would include fake products, goods that used illegal additives or were being sold after their expiry dates, or premises operating without a food preparation license. The size of the reward will depend on the seriousness of the offence.


Taste of ancient ritual

An Entrance Ritual to School, held in ancient times, was held to promote Chinese traditional culture in Hangzhou on Sunday, reports. Thirty children attending the event later said they enjoyed acting like their ancestors.

Driver rams policeman

A 53-year-old man rammed a policeman with his car in Wenzhou , following a quarrel on Sunday, reports. The policeman ordered the man to move his car, which had blocked the way. But the man, who said he was a cancer victim and suffered mood swings, became enraged and was detained by police. The case is under investigation.