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PUBLISHED : Friday, 24 August, 2012, 12:00am
UPDATED : Friday, 24 August, 2012, 3:12am


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5,000 held for web crimes

Police said on Wednesday they have apprehended more than 5,000 people over online pornography, drug trafficking, gambling and hacking, reports. More than 4,000 cases were uncovered and more than 360,000 prohibited online messages were deleted during the campaign, launched in February, police said.

Lao She commemorated

A ceremony was held on Tuesday to commemorate the 46th anniversary of the death of Lao She in Jinyuchi Community, Dongcheng district, the Beijing Times reports. It said the renowned writer penned his famous play Long Xu Gou in the area. The local government has built a museum and statue to commemorate him.


University fees subsidised

A total of 5,111 pupils from low-income families will each be given 4,000 yuan (HK$4,900) to help support their university studies, the Guizhou Du Shi Bao reports. Provincial officials have allocated more than 20 million yuan to the programme, aimed at supporting high-school graduates starting university next month. A list of eligible students will be posted online next week, officials said.

Tourism funds sought

Tourism officials have launched a plan to attract three trillion yuan in new investment in the sector over the coming decade, the China Securities Journal reports. Officials are hoping to pay for the development through commercial investments rather than tax coffers, officials said. The province recorded 170 million tourists last year, an increase of nearly 32 per cent over the previous year's figure.


Baby murderer detained

A 22-year-old woman was detained by police in Langfang on Wednesday after trying to cover up her murder of her one-month-old son, the Beijing Times reports. She told police that the baby had drowned. The boy was born in poor health, requiring treatment the woman could not afford.

Express robber arrested

Police ended a crime spree by a very efficient robber by arresting him in Shijiazhuang on Monday, reports. The man had used a motorcycle to commit four robberies in 90 minutes. Police caught him after an hour's pursuit. He is accused of stealing 20,000 yuan.


Homeowner dies in fall

A man in Dalian fell to his death while trying to enter his house through a window by climbing from his neighbour's home, reports. The man, in his 40s, was trying to find a way in on Tuesday after breaking his key in the lock. He tried to reach his home from his neighbour's third-floor window, about a metre away, but lost his balance.

Litterbug turns nasty

A sanitation worker in Dalian was assaulted by a young woman after he told her to pick up her litter on Tuesday, reports. The woman hit the worker with a walking stick she had grabbed from a passer-by. Two male friends of the woman joined the altercation, in Zhongshan district. The worker was sent to hospital and police were looking for the attackers.


Wedding shoot for elderly

Twenty-one elderly couples assembled for a photography shoot in Zibo on Wednesday, a day before the Qixi Festival, the Qilu Evening News reports. Most did not have photographs taken when they married. The festival is considered the Chinese equivalent of Valentine's Day.

Film spurs tunnel tribute

An elderly woman was so inspired by the film Tunnel Warfare, about the Sino-Japanese war, she embarked on a project to dig a 20-metre-long replica, the Qilu Evening News reports. The 70-year-old finished the tunnel on Wednesday after four years of digging. She said she wanted to create something to remind future generations about the soldiers' sacrifice.


Art firm sues store owner

A store owner was ordered to pay more than 10,000 yuan in compensation for selling a pirated copy of a famous painting, the Shanghai Morning Post reports. The art company that owns the rights to the Drunken Imperial Concubine sued the store owner over an embroidered version of the masterpiece, court officials said on Wednesday. The court said the embroidery bore too many similarities to the original.

Community centre boost

Community centres will remain open seven days a week in an effort to better serve residents, reports. Many of the centres were open only on weekdays, making it difficult for people with jobs to visit, officials said. The new hours were to be adopted by October.


Rape victim 'acted dead'

A woman survived a rapist's attempt on her life by pretending she had died, the Xian Evening News reports. The man robbed and raped the 24-year-old, then slashed her throat with a knife in the Lianhu district of Xian on August 8. The victim lay motionless, fooling the criminal, who was caught by police on Tuesday.

Police joyrider suspended

An officer has been suspended for using a police car for a personal trip in Hanzhong on August 16, the China Youth Daily reports. Some net surfers and legal experts said the punishment should be more severe, but an official said disciplinary authorities had decided the punishment was appropriate given the difficulty of training recruits.


600 fish perish in lake

More than 600 dead fish have been found in Longquan Lake in Jianyang since Monday, the West China City Daily reports. Experts said the deaths were likely caused by a recent drop in temperature following intense rainfall.

Raid busts robbery gang

Police in Chengdu raided a gang of suspected robbers at a flat in Xindu district on Wednesday, the West China City Daily reports. Police arrested 17 people, who they say were responsible for more than 30 thefts. The gang is suspected of breaking into construction sites across the city and taking materials like steel pipes and metal plating that they then sold for cash.


Widow jailed for 8 years

A woman was jailed for eight years by a court in Longyou county on Tuesday for failing to try saving her drowning husband, the Qianjiang Evening News reports. The woman jumped into a river on October 26 after the pair had quarrelled. The husband, who could not swim, managed to rescue her but became trapped in the water. The woman left the scene and called the police.

Bees give drivers a fright

A huge swarm of bees were spotted flying low to the ground in Yongkang on Wednesday, the Qianjiang Evening News reports. The swarm flew along a road as terrified drivers quickly closed their windows. Some residents believed the swarm's behaviour signalled the occurrence of an earthquake. But one observer said the low flight of the swarm could be related to an abrupt drop in temperature.