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PUBLISHED : Thursday, 30 August, 2012, 12:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 30 August, 2012, 4:11am


Writing is off the wall

A graffiti-covered wall on Hongxing Road - a popular business area in Hefei - was suddenly painted grey last week, sparking outrage among local residents and nearby shopkeepers, the Jianghuai Morning Post reports. The wall was often photographed, and it helped draw shoppers to the area. Local urban management authorities said they were not responsible for removing the graffiti, but they have since set up boards on the walls that will be used for government-approved slogans and adverts.

Quality officer programme

Anhui took the lead in a pilot programme initiated by the State Council that aims to put chief quality officers in medium-sized to large companies to ensure product safety, China National Radio reports. Three companies in Anhui already have a CQO, and there will be 140 such positions across the mainland by tomorrow. CQOs have the right to veto decisions by the company if they threaten product quality, and the officer will be held accountable if any quality-related accidents occur.


Maths training to end

City education authorities have ordered an end to all training programmes designed to prepare young students for a national-level maths olympiad that is no longer held, as the students' performance in the training has still been widely used as a reference for students applying for middle school, The Beijing News reports.

Water back to normal

All drinking water resources in suburban areas of the city that were damaged by torrential rain and flooding on July 21 are clean and safe to use, the Beijing Morning Post reports. Additionally, authorities said that all 1,389 people injured during the storm have recovered. At least 78 people died during the freak storm.


Illegal forex centre busted

Fuqing police recently busted an illegal foreign currency futures trading operation worth 3.1 billion yuan (HK$3.8 billion) reports. More than 20 people were detained. Police launched an investigation after a man complained early this month that he had lost more than

1 million yuan in trades.

Public have say on fares

Fuzhou city is accepting applications until September 7 from residents who want to attend a public hearing on raising taxi fares, local news portal reports. The city government has vowed to listen to the public, promising to reserve 12 of the 24 seats at the hearing for consumers. Taxi companies will send three representatives, and the remaining seats will go to government officials. Two plans for a price hike will be discussed, but some residents have questioned the point of the hearing, as they expect prices to be raised regardless of what the public thinks. Officials said in April that the current fare rate during congestions is only 1 km per 5 minute wait, or 1.5 yuan, which is far lower than the mileage normally would be.


Crackdown cops flack

A new law in Foshan bans beggars and homeless people from public venues such as squares, bus stations, ports, sport centres, theatres and parks, the Modern Express reports. The move is part of the city's efforts to make the streets look cleaner, but it has also come under fire, with some people saying it shows that the city's legislators don't care about less fortunate citizens.

One-child policy to stay

The Shenzhen People's Congress has rejected proposals by some delegates to loosen population controls and allow residents to have a second child, reports. The draft regulation was rejected on Tuesday because lawmakers said they weren't allowed to implement policies that ran contrary to national ones.


Death toll revised fourfold

Provincial safety supervision authorities yesterday raised the death toll from an explosion at a fireworks factory in June, and an official has been suspended for falsifying the original figures, reports. Authorities now say that 28 people were killed and 20 were injured, compared with the original toll of seven killed and 14 injured. The explosion occurred in Huaiyang county, Zhoukou . The county director, Lei Tingjun, has been suspended.

Crash kills bus driver

The driver of a long-haul double-decker bus was killed and five passengers were injured when the bus slammed into the back of a freight truck on Tuesday in Zhengzhou , China News Service reports. Two passengers remain in hospital with serious injuries. The Zhengzhou Transportation Group, which owns the bus, said it was not overloaded, nor was the driver overworked.


Green light for last turbine

All 34 electricity generators at the Three Gorges Dam in Yichang are now in use after the last turbine was approved yesterday, reports. As of Tuesday, the huge hydroelectric dam had generated 592.7 billion kilowatt hours of electricity since it began operating in June 2003. That is equivalent to the annual civilian electricity consumption on the mainland.

Plant 'exploited disabled'

A gypsum plant in Jingmen is being accused of exploiting people with mental and physical disabilities, by forcing them to do hard manual labour without pay, the Legal Daily reports. One worker said that more than 10 people who worked at the plant were given only noodles every day, and that most of them were deaf or dumb. However, the plant owner said the workers were there by choice and received 500 yuan a month.


6 die in mine accident

Six people died in an accident at a coal mine near Changji city on Tuesday night, China News Service reports. Details of the accident were not given, but another six people were being treated at a local hospital. The privately owned Hongxing Coal Mine has an annual production capacity of 90,000 tonnes. The owner was detained by police.

Hospital bill scheme hailed

Authorities in Hutubi county, Changji, are hailing a pilot programme on hospital bill payments as a success. Patients are allowed to pay for services after they leave the hospital, and none of the nearly 2,300 people treated under the initiative since June have tried to avoid paying their bills, which have totalled 6.87 million yuan, local news portal reports.


Landslide kills 5

A landslide buried eight people yesterday morning in Xuanwei , killing five of them, reports. The other three were rescued, but police gave no further details. More than half of Yunnan's rain falls between June and August.

Pyramid scheme closed

Police in Xuanwei recently busted an online-based pyramid scheme involving more than 5 million yuan, China News Service reports. A total of 55 people were detained. Police began investigating after receiving reports in May that people were being recruited to invest 50,000 yuan in an online business venture, with promises of high returns.


ID plan for medicine

Provincial authorities are following through on a plan requiring residents to provide identification when buying cold and flu medicine containing ephedrine, starting September 10, the Qianjiang Evening News reports. The ephedrine can be extracted and used to make methamphetamine. Criminals often buy medicines in bulk to produce the dangerous drug.

Wenzhou offloads land

The Wenzhou government tried to sell 52 pieces of land, totalling 215 hectares, at a recent promotional conference, sparking suspicion that the government was trying to offset declining revenue, China News Service reports. Purchasing agreements for 10 sites were signed at the event on Saturday.